Hamdi Bouta Video Leaked, Hamdi Bouta Video Goes Viral on Social Media Twitter and Reddit Explained!

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In May 2018, just over a year after Hamdi Bouta’s family held a confidential funeral for him in the summer of 2017. The family of the victim reported receiving a copy of a video, according to a video showing the Russian-speaking man using a fist hit the sledgehammer on Hamdi Bouta WhatsApp. Let us tell you about Syrian journalists from the al-Jessr press who are now inquiring about the matter. People are searching for this news. They wanted to know the entire matter behind this news. Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the right information. Here you will find authentic details in this article. Let’s continue the article.

hamdi bouta video leaked

According to the report, By the spring of 2018, the first video had been surfaced on the web for at least a year, and the link middle the al-Shaer incident and the Wagner group fiducial human rights activists in Syria and France to try to increase awareness about the incident in Moscow 96. Evidently little is known about their alleged ties to the Wagner Group. When the Kremlin has denied several times that there is any direct link between the government of Russia and the operators of the Private military of Russia and security companies as well, which deployed in Syria, plenty of evidence suggests otherwise.

Hamdi Bouta Video Leaked

There is significant circumstantial evidence that at least two of the Russian men described in the clip persecute Hamdi Bouta at the al-Sheer killed and it happened on 7 April the U.S. airstrike on the Wagner group column. In May 2018, The dots linking the two events-the al-Shaer atrocity and the Battle of Khasham in Deir Ezzor- are not a direct line, however, they exist in a tight web of Russian companies, operators of private military businessmen, and security companies. Before being deployed to Syria, they were together in Donbas before being deployed to Syria.

On the evening of 30 June 2017, the media reported the clip of the first two minutes. According to the video, many Russian-saying men torture a man by beating him on the limbs with sledgehammers. The faces of 100 attackers were covered and only part of the footage was visible Sources have claimed the involvement of Wagner workers, but this was never confirmed. The identity and other information are also not known.  On behalf of the trusted media report, Bouta’s relatives learned of his demise only a year after a video come online in May 2018. Stay tuned for more updates.

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