Rajesh Hamal turns 58 Today, Happy Birthday from Scriling

rajesh hamal birthday

Rajesh Hamal, the most famous and successful Actor of Nepali cinema, is celebrating his birthday today.

Actor Rajesh Hamal was born on 9 June 1964 in Palpa. Rajesh Hamal has not clearly stated his age. But, he has entered 58 years from today.

Actor Rajesh Hamal entered the Nepali film industry at a time when he was not able to move forward commercially. Hamal also acted in the movie ‘Bhagya Rekha’. But, he got out of this movie. Therefore, the first film he acted in is ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’. After working in this film, Hamal never had to look back on his career.

rajesh hamal actor birthday scaled

While Hamal spent three decades in the film industry, he ruled for almost two decades. The film he acted in was a commercial success. Hamal’s films like ‘Deuta, Bhauju, Sathi, Allare, Gaunle, Ajambari Naata, Dhukdhuki, Basanti, Hami Tin Bhai’ are considered successful.

At one time, even when a poster of the Actor Rajesh Hamal was placed in a Nepali film, the audience seemed to be crowded. Therefore, Hamal has been accused of focusing more on selling his face than changing the film industry.

Nayak Hamal was given the title of ‘Mahanayak’ 14 years ago. Since then, he has been hailed by audiences and the media as a ‘superhero’.

Rajesh hamal birthday

Rajesh Hamal is popular among the viewers of all walks of life due to his ability to put logical points in every subject.

While running in the second decade of his film career, Hamal played more movies in numbers. On the one hand, Nepali films are looking for a change, on the other hand, Hamal’s focus on quantitative films rather than quality has weakened his craze on screen. But, Rajesh Hamal’s stardom and craze outside the screen is the same.

After marrying Madhu Bhattarai after a seven-year love affair, Rajesh Hamal has been busy with his domestic life for the past few years. Rajesh Hamal has not acted in a new film after failing to act in the film ‘Shakuntala’ four years ago. He was preparing to return to the screen from the movie ‘Satyam’ last year. However, before the film could start, corona infections increased and filming stopped.

Happy Birthday to Rajesh Hamal, the Actor who made the most craze in Nepali film Industry.