Has John Ruetten Remarried? Who Is His New Wife & What Is He Doing Now?

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Stephanie Lazarus is John Ruetten’s new wife, and some have speculated that she is the one who murdered Ruetten’s new wife, Sherri Rassmussen. Ruetten is a UCLA graduate who has remarried, and some have speculated that she is the one who murdered Ruetten’s new wife, Sherri Rassmussen.

John Ruetten is a mechanical engineering graduate of UCLA. Ruetten rose to prominence after his wife, Sherri Rasmussen, was murdered, and he has remained in the public glare ever since. On February 24, 1986, Rassmussen was discovered at the apartment she shared with Ruetten in Van Nuys, California.

In a battle, she was allegedly battered and shot three times. The Los Angeles Police Department first mistook the case for a bungled burglary and was unable to identify a culprit. Her father, on the other hand, believed that LAPD officer Stephanie Lazarus, with whom Ruetten had a relationship, was a prime suspect.

John Ruetten

John Ruetten

John Ruetten Remarried: Who Is His New Wife?

John Ruetten has remarried, according to Sportskeeda, however the source has not provided any details about his current marriage or wife’s name. However, some social media users assumed that Stephanie Lazarus was his wife, with whom he had a close relationship.

They dated each other during and after their undergraduate years. While Ruetten’s relationship with Sherri Rassmussen, a nursing administrator, was not serious, Lazarus was startled to find that he began dating and eventually married her.

After Ruetten had been betrothed to Rassmussen, Lazarus professed her love for him. According to the story, they had a close relationship. Ruetten later expressed regret for his decision and confessed it was a mistake.

In 2022, where can you find John Ruetten?

Since the death of Sherri Rassmussen, John Ruetten is said to have abandoned the city and lived a low-key existence away from the public spotlight. Ruetten is married to his wife, as previously stated.

As a result, we may conclude that he lives with his partner and family and is rarely seen in the media. Following Sherri’s death, John returned from work and left Los Angeles. But when he returned, he ran into Lazarus and rekindled his secret romance with her.

Photos of Ruetten and Lazarus’ wedding were exhibited throughout the trial for John to recognise. Throughout the entire time, Lazarus did not appear to be glancing up. Ruetten wept when he testified at the trial about his late wife and his bond with Lazarus.

Stephanie Lazarus Is Serving Her Time In Prison

Stephanie Lazarus is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Corona, where she was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison. In 2034, Lazarus will be eligible for parole.

She was also found guilty of murder in 2012. She appealed the conviction, claiming that the case was too old and the evidence was insufficient to give her fair process.

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