Hatkholi area of ​​Kailali is the choice of domestic tourists to avoid the heat

Hatkholi kailali

Hatkholi area in Godavari Municipality-4 of Kailali has become the choice of domestic tourists. 

The number of tourists visiting Hatkholi at Chure Fed on the Dhangadhi-Dipayal fast track connecting Kailali with Doti has increased.

They say that they used to go there to enjoy nature while bathing in the river Khutiya. Kishor Awasthi of Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolis-5, Taranagar, who was found in Hatkholi, said that he had reached there to evade the heat of the Tarai.

‘Photos of friends coming to Hatkholi and swimming were seen a lot on Facebook. I was fascinated to see the natural beauty of the place in the photo, ‘he told online news,’ when I reached here, I thought this place is heaven. 

There is a lot of joy in swimming. Besides, sweets can be eaten at the local hotel here. It’s fun. ‘

Sagar Thapa, another local from Dhangadhi who met him, also said that Hatkholi is a suitable place to escape the heat of Dhangadhi. 

He says, ‘We don’t just come here to swim. The natural beauty of Hatkholi is unique in itself. When you reach here, your mind becomes calm. All pains are forgotten. ‘

Thapa usually arrives at Hatkholi with his friends every week or two weeks. People come to Hatkholi to escape the heat and have a picnic (forest feast), observe the natural and biodiversity there, and visit the temple. Saturdays tend to be more crowded than other days. 

The suspension bridge connecting Chure Village Municipality-4 and Godavari Municipality-4 has also become the main choice of tourists.

In recent times, there has been a significant increase in the number of people taking selfies and making tickets.

During the summer, at least two domestic tourists visit there daily. The Gwala Deu temple in Hatkholi is also a major center of choice for religious tourists.

The temple, which has been worshiped by shepherds since ancient times, has been visited by a large number of people.

Religious tourists often visit Magh and Phagun during this time. Marriage and bratbandha are also taking place in the temple.

Municipal plan to develop infrastructure

The Godavari Municipality has planned to develop infrastructure in the Hatkholi area as domestic tourists have started increasing. Ward Chairman Prem Bahadur Bhandari said that the infrastructure development plan has been given priority after the increase in the number of tourists.

“At first, we didn’t pay much attention to the development of the area,” Bhandari told Online News. Then we also have consciousness. We are now focusing on expanding the infrastructure there. ‘

According to Bhandari, the Hatkholi area has also been addressed in the policies and programs brought by the municipality.

The municipality has made a plan to develop picnic spots, conserve natural lakes, manage temples and promote religious tourism.

Godavari municipality spokesperson Sharmananda Bhatt also said that the city would work in a planned manner to promote tourism there. 

Stating that the infrastructure expansion of Mashtadham in the Hatkholi area has been going on since last year as per the same plan, Bhatta said that Jajri Jharna, Gwaladeu temple, and bicycle hiking will be expanded in the coming year as well.

Hatkholi is located on the East-West Highway at a distance of about 7-8 km from the market.