Heavy rains in jhapa

Heavy rains in Jhapa, Locals around the river are urged to be vigilant

The Meteorological Department of Water and Meteorology has urged to be vigilant around the rivers in Jhapa forecasting flooding today.

The department has stated that there is a possibility of flood in the Mechi, Kankai, Biring, Ninda, and Ratuwa rivers. 

Floods are expected around the river and low-lying areas. 

The rain gauge at Chandragadhi Airport in Bhadrapur has recorded 116.06 mm of rain in Jhapa in 24 hours.

Similarly, Soktim Tea Estate in Ilam received 55.8 mm of rainfall, Maipokhari received 50.2 mm of rainfall and Kanyam Tea Estate received 50 mm of rainfall during the same period.

The highest flood risk in Jhapa is around the Kankai River. 

According to Lokraj Dhakal, president of the Nepal Red Cross Society Jhapa, 1,665 households in the four municipalities of Kankai, Jhapa, Shivasatakshi, and Gauriganj are at high risk of floods.

The Red Cross Jhapa had held a coordination meeting in all the four municipalities in the catchment area on Friday to digitally register the households at high risk of floods. 

Chief of Shivasatakshi Municipality Chandra Kumar Sherma said that the flow of water in the rivers has started increasing due to continuous rain for the past two days.

 He informed that the residents of the Hattisar area of ​​the district are at risk of floods. 

He said that the floods near Dhakalpur of 6, Jharbari of 7, Vaishabadi of 9, and Kankai Bridge of 10 are estimated to cause damage.

It has been raining heavily in all areas of Jhapa since this morning. 

Not only big rivers but also small rivers and creeks are flooded.

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