High School Racist Video On Twitter Outrages #BlackTwitter, Students Details

high school racist video on twitter outrages blacktwitter students details

The racist video from Vidor High School is going viral on social media, and the students involved were only suspended for three days, according to reports. Find out more about the incident.

Racism, also known as Racialism, is the concept that race is a fundamental predictor of human attributes and powers, and that racial differences result in a specific race’s inherent authority. Various incidents involving racism are currently trending on the internet.

As a result, Twitter is suddenly saturated with videos about Vidor High School kids. A video of domineering black folks saying the ‘N-word’ was circulated by a few Vidor High School students.

The video is currently becoming popular on social media, namely on Twitter, and people are calling for the students involved in this case to be suspended indefinitely. However, they are dissatisfied with the school because they did not receive the penalty they expected.

high school racist video on twitter outrages blacktwitter students details

high school racist video on twitter outrages blacktwitter students details
high school racist video on twitter outrages blacktwitter students details

Video: High School Racist Video On Twitter Outrages #BlackTwitter, Students Details

As previously stated, the racist video from Vidor High School is currently trending on Twitter. The video is 0:59 seconds long and shows students at the school shouting the N-word. A Twitter user who goes by the handle @caileneasely tweeted the footage.

The video has over 1k views as of this writing, and it has been shared by a number of people who are calling for harsh punishment for those pupils. Caile also showed a conversation she had with those students, in which they repeatedly harassed her by using the N-word or dominating her community. She also conveyed her disappointment and urged them not to use these terms.

As a result, Caile combined all of the teenage girls’ screenshots and clips to create TikTok, which she then published. The video became viral after that, and Vidor High School has already taken action against those engaged in the incident. However, the public is dissatisfied with the school’s decision.

The names of Vidor High School students, as well as the length of their suspension, have been revealed.

After watching the film, we can conclude that there were approximately five girls in the clip who all used the same word and loomed over the black community. Their full names have yet to be published. However, two students, Layla Jenkins and Alexys, emerged in Caile’s talk.

People’s main interest is to learn whether or not they received the penalty they deserved. We learnt on Twitter that the kids have requested a three-day suspension, but that people are dissatisfied with the school’s decision, claiming that they want more time and a harsher punishment.

Caileneasely (@Caileneasely) is a Twitter user

On Twitter, @caileneasely is a user who has gotten a lot of attention recently after releasing a video of Vidor High School students using racial insults. Later, she went live on TikTok and called the high school to discuss the situation and ask for further punishment because she believes three days of detention is insufficient.

She then informed the school that she will contact them again to inquire about the situation. As a result, we can stay up to date by following her on Twitter and TikTok.

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