A historical record at the first game of the Euro cup that has not yet been broken

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The 16th edition of the Euro Cup, which started six decades ago with four teams, is starting today.

 At present, the number of participating countries in the Euro Cup has increased to 24. After 15 editions, 10 countries have become winners.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the start of the Euro Cup, this time the Euro Cup is being organized jointly in different cities of 11 countries. In the meantime, various records have been set. Germany and Spain have won the title three times at most. Spain won the title twice in a row in 2008 and 2012 and became the first team to do so.

The Euro Cup, held in France in 1960, was hosted by the then Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. At that time, the semi-finals and finals were played directly. At that time, there were only 4 games including the third place game. In the first edition, the Soviet Union defeated Yugoslavia 2-1 to win the title.

Hosts France and Yugoslavia met in the opening game of the competition. Yugoslavia won the game 5-4. Since then, nine goals have not been scored in a single game of the Euro Cup. Since then, he has scored seven goals in three games and six goals six times.

Spain beat Yugoslavia 4-3 in the group stage of the 2000 Euro Cup. The Netherlands had beaten Yugoslavia 6-1 in the 2000 quarterfinals. The Netherlands is the team that wins the most goals in a single game. The last time France beat Iceland 5-2 was in 2016.