Don’t eat Holy basil leaves in these Conditions

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Holy Basil is a plant full of many medicinal properties. Basil is planted in the yard of many houses. 

It has special significance in Ayurveda. 

That is why we worship (Holy Basil) Tulsi, which is considered to be very beneficial for human health.

 But many may not know that basil leaves also have side effects. In these following case, do not eat Holy basil leaves. 

Not good for pregnant women

Basil leaves can harm the health of a pregnant woman as well as the baby growing in the womb. So much so that (in some cases, miscarriage or even miscarriage) can occur. Basil leaves contain an element called astragalus which affects the uterus.

Even diabetics should not eat basil

According to various studies, consumption of basil leaves lowers blood sugar. Eating basil leaves can be very harmful for diabetics who are taking medicine. With the help of medicine, basil leaves can cause problems in the blood sugar level.

fertility problem

Although there is still a long way to go in this regard, its use can reduce the fertility of men and women of childbearing age. Basil also has the ability to reduce fertility hormones, which can lead to fertility problems.

Makes blood thinner 

Consumption of basil leaves helps in thinning the blood in the body. If one is taking blood thinners while taking basil leaves, a mixture of both can have a bad effect on a person. Therefore, only one of the basil leaves or other medicines should be taken.

The liver may be affected

According to the WHO, we should not eat basil leaves while taking painkillers. Eating both at the same time or at the same time regularly can have a serious effect on the functioning of the liver.