Piles Cure Home Remedies

Home remedies to cure piles in 2021

Piles disease is associated with the rectum. In which flesh like mouse grows on the outside of the anus and on the inside of the people. 

These mice often bleed and cause pain. Sometimes these mice come out with force.

 Piles patients should not eat star-fried and fiber-free foods. Eat plenty of fiber to prevent constipation.

Here are some home remedies for piles

– Bloody hemorrhoids are cured by mixing onion juice with honey.

– Grinding basil leaves with water gives relief from burning sensation. Growing meat also heals slowly.

– Mixing turmeric powder in milk and applying it gives complete relief.

– Roast the raw onion on low flame. It is beneficial to make a paste and apply it on the place where the meat has grown

– Applying hemp leaves calms the hemorrhoids.

– Grind fried sesame seeds like pickles and take it continuously for a few days.

-Eating a handful of black sesame seeds with a cup of yogurt daily is beneficial in the problem of bleeding piles.

– Hemorrhoids are cured by making a laddu made in milk and good-sugar with the participation of making powder of pure, pure good in piles alkai and consuming laddu with cold water for 1 month.

– Dissolve amla powder in water and keep it in a clay pot overnight. Drink in the morning mixed with sweets.

– 3 grams of lemon juice taken with cow’s milk is beneficial 

– Grinding the leaves of lentils and applying it regularly on the flesh of piles can be beneficial in a few days.

– Boiled raw banana and eaten in the morning and evening is very beneficial for piles patients.

– Black pepper and black cumin powder with half a teaspoon of honey daily to get relief from piles.

Note: Consult again with your Physician for a better understanding of what the condition of your piles is and follow as described by Doctor.

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