‘Honeymoon,’ a Nepali film, has been released in theaters

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‘Honeymoon,’ a short Nepali film, has been released as part of a special event.

Bishal Katwal and Prativa KC star in the film, which is released under the name of ‘Ramro Entertainment.’

The short film, which has honeymoon as its core focus – a particularly memorable day for a newly married couple — tends to convey the concept that minor difficulties can damage marital life.

The short film sends a strong message to both couples, encouraging them to accept one other’s pasts and move forward in their relationship to make it a success.

Journalist Ramji Gnawali wrote and directed the film, and Shankalpa Bhujel is the cinematographer.

Mr. Gnawali has directed a number of short films in Nepal, including Ek Lover, Dark Moon, and Lockdown.