How Did Her Daughter Died?

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What happened to Lisa Curry’s daughter and what caused her death? Lisa Curry, a former Olympian, has been through a lot in the last two years. After a long battle with mental illness, self-harm, and eating disorders, the ex-Olympian lost her daughter Jaimi Kenny (33 years old) in September 2020. Curry’s beloved mother, Pet, passed away less than 18 months after that. At the age of 86, her mother breathed her last breath. Now, the Olympic swimmer has revealed disturbing details about her daughter’s final moments, as well as how she has dealt with the grief of losing her “bookends.”

Lisa Curry's daughterLisa Curry's daughter

Lisa Curry’s daughter

What happened to Lisa Curry’s daughter?

Lisa described the moment she gets a call to come to the hospital urgently in an exclusive excerpt from her new book “Lisa: A Memoir- 60 Years of Life, Love, and Loss” published in The Daily Telegraph. Grant Kenny, her ex-partner, and she went to Jaimi’s aid. “When we got there, she was unconscious and on a ventilator,” she wrote. I dashed over to her and whispered, “Jaimi, Jaimi, it’s Mum.” Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.” But there was no answer, no response at all. I was deafeningly deafeningly deafening

“Her kidneys stopped working while we were there.” “And that’s when the doctor said, matter-of-factly,” he said. Jaimi will pass away tonight. I was crying as I heard those words. “No, no, no, I’m not ready!” exclaims the speaker. We didn’t want it to be real, even though we had known for years that this day would come.”

“Jaimi Wanted To Help Others”

Curry admitted that she struggled with sharing such personal details about Jaimi’s hardships in her new book, but she knew her daughter wanted to help others with her tale. “Jaimi told me numerous times that when she got better, she wanted to help people with similar challenges,” Curry said. She wanted to publish a book about what she’d learnt and how she’d dealt with it.”

The ex-Olympian added that this had given her life new meaning, as she was now able to raise awareness and help people like Jaimi from falling between the cracks.

“My bookends Have Gone Now”

Curry revealed how difficult it has been to adjust to life without her daughter and mother in an exclusive shoot and chat with media agencies. “My bookends have vanished,” she informed Stellar. Their faces appear on the screen every time I get in the car—my favourites who I would call all the time. I get in the car and decide to call Mum. Oh, wait a minute, Mum isn’t here anymore.”

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