How Does The English Twitch Star Bao Vtuber Face Look Like?

how does the english twitch star bao vtuber face look like

Bao debuted as an English VTuber on October 30, 2020. Her social media profiles reveal that she used to perform music as Hikaru Station.

She currently broadcasts completely on Twitch and posts Twitch VODs to her YouTube channel under the Twitch moniker baoo (previously hikarustation). In the past, she also used to stream on YouTube.

Bao is a nice guy who expresses genuine gratitude to others. She also enjoys puns and is well-versed in online culture and her fandom, chatting with members of her Discord on a regular basis.

Bao Vtuber

Bao Vtuber

Bao Vtuber Face Reveal

Apart from a few sneak looks, the Vtuber Bao hasn’t publicly revealed his face. Her images from high school had been shared on other websites, but they don’t appear to be available anymore, according to one of her tweets.

On Twitch, Bao is a well-known female character. The character is one of the most popular on the platform, and followers are eager to learn more about the real person behind the mask. A whale god is represented by the character.

On September 30, 2020, Bao teased the Live2D model on Twitter. She revealed that she had been confirmed on Youtube on August 11, 2020. The first YouTube stream took place on October 30, 2020, and the first Twitch stream took place on November 6, 2020.

Since 2015, when she joined Twitter and Twitch, Bao has been creating content as hikarustation on YouTube.

What Does The English Twitch Star Look Like?

The character Bao was created by two different people. Bao’s model was created by hayamafair, an illustrator, with the assistance of Arucelli, a concept artist who was rigged by Brian Tsui.

On Pinterest, Bao discovered and purchased Bao’s design, which was later redesigned by hayamafair.

Bao thanking her followers with a sneak peek of her face reveal

Bao thanking her followers with a sneak peek of her face reveal

The creators of Bao haven’t shared any personal photos. We were unable to locate any photos of them on their social media profiles. On February 23, Bao’s Twitch account reached 200,000 subscribers, and on May 30, she debuted her chibi model.

Bao Vtuber Face Images and Photos

The Vtuber, Bao, has yet to show his whole face. She did, however, post a selfie in which she used an emoji to cover part of her face. She thanked her Twitch followers for helping her hit the 40k subscriber mark in the description of the photo.

She can communicate in three languages: English, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Her favorite games include the Zelda series, Animal Crossing, and horror games, but she despises Among Us with a fervor that can be felt underwater.

Pestonini is her mascot’s name. Pestonini, a dog-whale hybrid, is the offspring of her and Yuniiho.

Her pets include an asthmatic cat named Mitzi and a blue wheeler-corgi mix dog named Macy, as well as geckos.

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