How Old Is Youtuber Enya Umanzor? Everything We Know About The Internet’s New Crush

how old is youtuber enya umanzor everything we know about the internets new crush

Enya Umanzor, a renowned YouTuber residing in Miami, is 23 years old. To learn more about the social media influencer, click here.

Enya UmanzorEnya Umanzor

Enya Umanzor

Enya Umanzor, a fashion social media influencer as well as a beloved Youtuber, is currently the center of attention on the internet.

Enya joined Youtube on May 24, 2014, and as of 2022, she has 1 million subscribers.

Her channel has received a total of 74.86 million views.

He mockingly stated about replacing the ya of her name ‘Enya’ with ‘hahaha’ and further translating it into Spanish laugh ‘jajaja.’ She has updated the cover photo for her channel as a name pun “enjajaja” where he mockingly stated about replacing the ya of her name ‘Enya’ and replacing it with ‘hahaha’ and further translating it into Spanish laugh ‘jajaja’.

How Old Is Youtuber Enya Umanzor? Details On Her Age

Enya Umanzor is a YouTuber who is 23 years old.

She was born in Miami, Florida, on January 23, 1999.

Enya Umanzor, often known as ‘Enya’ on social media, was born into a Christian home and has three siblings.

Enya has been active on Instagram, where she frequently writes about fitness and fashion updates, in addition to her Youtube stardom.

On all of her social media accounts, she has a sizable following.

Explore Youtuber Enya Umanzor On Wikipedia

Enya Umanzor’s official Wikipedia bio page is yet to be indexed.

Enya is known for her hilarious short vines, Instagram reels, short Youtube movies, fashion and fitness vlogs, and excellent sense of humour.

Enya’s debut Youtube video was released on April 4, 2015, and her material has received a lot of love and interaction from her million fans since then.

Learn About Enya Umanzor’s Parents-Where is She From?

The identities of Enya Umanzor’s parents have not been revealed to the public.

The Youtuber cherishes a moment of peace and freedom, and as a result, she prefers to divert the media’s attention away from her personal life.

Her parents are devout Christians who have four children, one of them is Enya.

Enya Umanzor is a native of Miami, Florida, where she was born, raised, and currently works.

She has a slew of connections with high-end fashion houses, apparel lines, and cosmetics companies.

The majority of her video reels are about updates on the usual beauty items she uses and the fashion businesses she enjoys.

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