How to get rid of sweat odor this summer

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get rid of sweat odor

Although sweating is a natural process. Most people can’t stand the stench of sweat coming out of their bodies. 

The closeness of such a person tends to be very painful.

In summer, almost everyone sweats. People who do more physical work sweat more in summer. 

Although sweat does not stink on its own, bacteria on the skin produce a foul odor. 

It is necessary to clean the body to avoid a bad smell. Unnecessary ammonia, protein, trout, acid, and even salt come out of the body along with sweat.

After sweating and drying, urea and salt remain in the skin. 

This element attracts germs and causes a bad smell. 

Also, if not removed from the skin immediately, it can cause disease. 

As sweat odor is a problem, you should keep your stomach clean and eat light food and drink plenty of water. 

Similarly, taking a bath twice a day can reduce the growth of bacteria. As there is a problem of sweating, it is beneficial to take a bath with a little bit of water like Dettol, UD Colon, Khas, Rose Water.

In addition to the use of new clothes cleaned daily, changing underwear, socks and other clothes every day also reduces the stench of sweat. 

Cleaning the feet, armpits, and thighs daily can reduce bad breath. 

Similarly, using cotton cloth in summer can also be beneficial. In collaboration with various agencies

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