How to watch Ligue 1 in Nepal this season

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How to watch Ligue 1 in Nepal

French Ligue 1 has already started for this season. Leo Messi from PSG is making Ligue 1 more watchable.

So How to watch Ligue 1 in Nepal this season

Sorry to write but French Ligue 1 isn’t available from cable networks if you don’t have Some international channels subscribed for this season to watch Frech Ligue 1 in Nepal.

For La Liga :

For the first time in Nepal Television’s history, DishHome is slated to broadcast the La League season 2021-22.

La Liga is the Spanish football league system’s premier professional men’s division. DishHome has reserved the right to broadcast the game in Nepal via Pay-TV and unique digital networks.

Action Sports HD 1 and Action Sports HD 2 are two sports channels available on DishHome. Action Sports HD 2 will broadcast the matches.

Customers of DishHome can buy Rupees 2,000 season tickets and watch all of the games in Action Sports HD 2 during the league.

Customers who have a DishHome multi TV with a set-up box must additionally acquire a two-thousand-rupee season ticket to view the events on Action Sports HD 2.

DishHome subscribers can call the NTC toll-free number 160600122000 to acquire a La Liga season ticket. Users of Ncell and other networks can call them toll-free at 1801155000 or 014217666 for purchase and information starting today.

The season ticket, which is now only available to DishHome users, will soon be available on SIM TV, Prabhu TV, and the DishHome OTT platform (DishHome GO).

Famous football clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Valencia compete in La Liga, one of the most prominent professional sports leagues in the world. La Liga is also well-liked and cherished in Nepal.

Nepal’s first and only sports station, Action Sports, has successfully transmitted world-class competitions such as the FIFA World Cup 2018, EURO 2020, and COPA America 2021.

DishHome anticipates that this game would provide the best pleasure for Nepali television viewers and football fans.

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