Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards Murder Case- Who Was He?

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Shawn Edwards’ murder case was talked about in a podcast about crime, which made his name popular on the web. His case hasn’t been figured out for a long time.

Shawn Edwards, who was only 14, was beaten and stabbed to death outside of a high school in Middletown, New York. This shocked the whole town.

Why would anyone want to hurt or even kill this popular, nice kid? As the investigation goes on, the police try to figure out what’s real and what’s not, but they come up with nothing.

The police and Shawn’s family don’t know what happened in the hours after Shawn left the house and before his body was found curled up in that dark entryway.

Shawn Edwards

Shawn Edwards

Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards Murder Case?

In the most recent episode of Crime Junkie, a show that looks into strange crimes from all over the country, Shawn Edward and his unsolved murder case were featured.

Shawn told his mother that he had to meet a friend right away, according to what happened. When he wasn’t given permission to leave, he left without telling anyone.

Shawn was in the seventh grade, and the temperature of his skin on a Tuesday night was 11 degrees. The oldest of her five children and her new baby were able to leave.

No one thought that this was just the beginning of the terrible things that would happen to his family if he didn’t finish the job.

The next morning, at about 6 a.m., a janitor at Middletown High School found Shawn’s body outside the building. It had been beaten and stabbed, and there was fresh blood on it.

Who Was Shawn Edwards?

Shawn Edwards was a popular kid who looked so cute that everyone loved him. In 1986, a strange murder took place that kept a 14-year-old boy from being with his parents.

He was a friendly teenager who studied like any other teenager his age. No one can figure out why someone would want to kill a teenager in such a cruel way.

Even though people only remember him in bits and bytes now, they still want to find out who killed him. Justice is only being sought by their family and other people who knew Shwan as a person.

In a Facebook post made in the year 2020 on a page called Hudson valley cold case and missing individuals, a writer was able to explain how the whole thing went down over the years.

People who left comments on that post said he was a jokester and someone who liked to have fun. The smile of a child is not impossible to forget.

Shawn Edwards Parents: Know About His Family Members?

The person who killed Shawn Edwards is still free, but his parents and other family members are still doing everything they can to get justice for him.

People are sad for his family because they lost a son when he was so young. His family is also being thought of in prayers. Even after all these years of trying to find the truth, they are still afraid.

Middletown Detective Sgt. Nicholas C. DeRosa says that there is now a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect.

He also said that the crime scene evidence is being looked at again by the state police lab in Albany using DNA technology, which wasn’t around in 1986.

The news comes just a few days before it will have been 16 years since Edwards died. Cynthia Edwards still thinks it’s good news after all these years, even though it took a long time.

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