Why Facebook’s Head of Oculus and VR is leaving?

facebook hugo barra

Social media platform Facebook is also strengthening its presence in the field of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR). Facebook is working to bring smart glasses to the market this year. But before the smart glasses became public, the vice president of Facebook’s same department resigned.

Hugo Barra, vice president of Facebook’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality unit, has announced that he is leaving the company.

Barra, who once headed the Indian-based branch of Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, served as vice president of Google’s Android product management unit. He left Xiaomi four years ago and started working at Facebook. He said that he will leave Facebook in the coming days to explore new areas in the field of healthcare technology.

“I knew I was embarking on an ambitious journey five years ago when Mark Zuckerberg met me on Facebook and asked me to join the Oculus team and work in the field of virtual reality,” Barra wrote on his Facebook page. Adding  I never imagined that this team could make so much progress in such a short time.

I am proud to see the achievements of Oculus Go, Quest, Quest Two, etc. I am also excited about the new products that Facebook will bring in the coming days. In collaboration with Reban, Facebook is bringing smart glasses here this year. It connects the point between today’s virtual reality headset and tomorrow’s augmented reality glasses.

Last year, Barra herself, in collaboration with Ray Bun, announced that Facebook would bring smart glasses. He said that smart glasses will come in the market in 2021. However, Facebook has not given any official information in this regard.

Barra did not say where he would go after leaving Facebook.

“As the world went through an epidemic, I thought a lot about what happened last year,” he said. I think the tools we need to understand our health and control our health are not enough.

Inspired by this fact, based on my experience of working in the field of technology for 20 years, I have decided to try something completely different. I would like to explore new areas of healthcare technology by jumping into unknown areas. He told.