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July 7, Kathmandu. Even though she has just reached the age of 24, Miss Nepal Priyanka Karani Joshi’s opinion is no less than that of a mature person. Her honesty to the word and the power of the word earned her the crown of Miss Nepal. These students of journalism sound ‘talkative’. Giving her first interview with online news after becoming Miss Nepal, Priyanka talked about Miss Nepal’s journey, preparation for the World Beauty Contest and her personal life. Here is the edited excerpt from the conversation with Miss Nepal Priyanka Karani Joshi:

A big event takes place overnight and the next morning you become the headline of the news. Is it just fun or challenging for you?

Definitely a challenge. I became an overnight role model, but I was already dreaming. The heavy load I carried for a month, as I participated in the competition, was a long time for me. For me, it has been like fighting a war.

Not fun, it was a challenge for me. It is as if a war has been fought. Apart from me, there were other competitors, much better than me and more educated than me. My strength is to tell my destiny. Not fun, it was a challenge.

What were you thinking the next morning after winning the crown? Was it meant to be, that you deserved it?

I think I really deserved it. I worked hard for it. Others have worked just as hard, but for me I deserved it. Talking about breakfast the next morning, what made me happy was that I stayed away from the noise outside that night. Because I didn’t even have a phone. Coincidentally, this may have changed a little bit, because it felt like going to training before breakfast.

It also brings opportunities and can be difficult if you can’t work hard. Yes or no, I will make my morale to come by giving my best. Hopefully, I have built the morale to win one or the other category from Miss World.

How do you take Miss Nepal’s crown?

My Miss Nepal’s crown is definitely heavy. The burden that comes with it is even greater. Each diamond, each gem, and every ounce of gold encrusted there represents 23 other competitors. Carrying the dream seen by others, I am now going to the upcoming international platform.

At the same time, I have got a great opportunity to introduce Nepal. I will work hard in this too. I will participate in the international level in the same way as I represented myself in Miss Nepal. It’s too heavy for me. There is also happiness. It’s also fun.

Three words, Who describes for Priyanka?

Priyanka Rani Joshi 2

Diligent, reliable and lucky.

Why lucky

I don’t think I would have come this far if luck hadn’t given me even one percent. Hard work and commitment are in place, and luck is on our side. Since that day I have been feeling very lucky.

How did you prepare yourself after entering the last 12? Did you take any training before coming to Miss Nepal?

I could not take the training for Miss Nepal. But I had already made up my mind that I would come to Miss Nepal. That’s why I also worked in journalism and media. I also learned to speak by mixing and avoiding speaking. After coming in the top 12, I didn’t feel like I was in the finale. Every step rehearsal kept me strong.

Reaching the top 12, I felt like I was doing the same rehearsal. Even when asking questions, the atmosphere was like talking to one’s own brother. That round seems to have been answered on the spot. Very comfortable in the top 12.

Did the ‘doubtful feeling’ come out that I would win somewhere in the finale or not?

Let me tell you a little bit, since that morning I considered myself very lucky. I was also telling my friend Shreya that I was feeling very lucky today. She also said that it is good to be lucky, don’t practice well. Accordingly, even while walking on the stage, I felt lucky. Accordingly, I am standing here today. Therefore, the moment of doubt did not come.

There is some purpose in participating in Miss Nepal. What is the purpose of Priyanka participating in Miss Nepal?

It is very difficult to find a big platform like Miss Nepal. We may not understand the possibility. I understand the magnitude of the platform that Miss Nepal gives to a young woman, if used properly, can take a young woman with a small idea and a small dream. I wonder if I can understand where this platform takes the journey, what kind of opportunity it brings.

As soon as Miss Nepal is represented, there is an opportunity to go out representing the country. That’s why I wanted to fight Miss Nepal. Besides, Miss Nepal is a platform where people from all walks of life come. I am happy to be associated with people from all walks of life.

Priyanka Rani Joshi 1

How do you plan to represent Nepal in the upcoming edition of Miss World?

I may not have a concrete plan, but I have made up my mind. I have made up my mind to compete in the three major titles to be held there. Along with beauty with purpose, it is also called top model. There, designers are looking at everything from clothes to words. It is also an opportunity to reach Tapten directly from both the modes. I try to show these two genres very well.

In addition to the talent round, sports round, let’s fight and work with every country. I think if we get a chance to speak, our representation will be stronger. For this work I am preparing physically and mentally from Current Affairs. Going to the gym for physical.

You have to be very strong mentally. Not a small platform. It also brings opportunities and can be difficult if you can’t work hard. Yes or no, I will make my morale to come by giving my best. Hopefully, I have built the morale to win one or the other category from Miss World.

Does Priyanka have such an ‘X-factor’ that she thinks she will win something in Miss World?

While doing media internship, although I am not proficient in all of them, I have some experience. Even on the Miss Nepal stage, the experience before one step seems to have given X-factor. Based on these experiences, I also work to give X-Factor at the international level with these experiences.

How do you think the general public understands Miss Nepal? What is your comment on the protest of some people against the misrepresentation of women?

People have their own ideas and freedom of expression. They protested by showing what they did not like. Giving advice is also their protest. But our right to choose freely means that we have chosen this platform because we understand its weight and opportunity. The common man loves us very much. We are not disappointed. Their advice is good for us in the days to come. Their advice is to love us.

Some former Miss Nepal has also come in her own profession and film field. What is your plan

I don’t plan to come to the film, because the film is a good and big industry. How many people have made money from here? Better a poor horse than no horse at all. But I didn’t think I was good at acting. Apart from that, I also have a business. I am also working in my dad’s business. I am moving forward with the same work.

One year, I feel like Miss Nepal. Besides, my plan is to have an institute called GIA in the United States. I go there and study well, there is a lot of scope for jewelry business by bringing thinking and reading there. I plan to move that forward well.

Is Priyanka Sigal or Mingal till today?

I am single.

What kind of men attract you?

You have to be a good person. I believe in energy. I don’t even know people like that. People had to be good, thinking had to be good. I had to love. That’s enough for me.

After becoming a beauty queen, how much do you think you should be interested in social and political issues?

Not only being a beauty queen, but also being a citizen of the country, you have to be very interested in politics and society. It is very important to know about the environment and what is happening around it. Even if you are not on a political level, you are a voter. You have to build a society. One of your actions is very different. What a difference a waterfall makes.

To Miss Nepal Priyankarani Joshi र्⁇Yapid Fire Question :

Your idol Miss Nepal?

Sugarika KC

Dear Sas Sister?

No favorites. Both are dear.

A source of inspiration?


An interest you never want to give up?

Dancing I don’t know how to dance, but I do

Favorite movie and song?

I don’t listen to the movie ‘Notebook’ and many songs.

Nepali actress eligible for Miss Nepal title?

Nisha Adhikari Malla

Which of these actors do you want to date? Anmol Casey, Saugat Malla or Dayahang Rai?

Precious Casey.

Why precious

Our age is also the same. Sounds like a precious good looking. He also seems to be a good actor professionally.

Which Nepali film do you want to be a part of?


Favorite leader ?

Gagan Thapa.

Photo / Video: Shankar Giri / Online News

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