‘Ikupitang’ under Suleman Shankar’s direction

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Suleman shankar ikupitang

Artist Suleman Shankar is preparing to present himself to the audience through a comedy series called ‘Ikupitang’. 

He came into the limelight after playing the role of a character named ‘Iku’ in the comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai’. He later made two films of the same name. 

IKU Nepali Movie , Now as Series

After this, Suleman, who seems to be a bit far from the audience, is now preparing to bring a comedy serial called ‘Ikupitang’ under his own direction.

The serial features Shyam Rai, Jack Gurung, Uttam KC, Raju Comedy, Amrita Khanal, Aarti Lama, Sachin Sharma, Ganesh Ishara, Manish Khadka, Maya Thami, Simran Matt, Saroj Dhakal, Milan Shankar, child artist Kusal Lohani, Deepak Thapa Magar, Suman Magar.

Including acting. Suleman also appeared in a comedy serial called ‘Halka Ramailo’ some time ago.

Global TV HD and SMS film ‘Ikupitang’ will be aired on Global TV HD from the second week of July.

Suleman has said that he is going to return to the small screen as per the wishes of the viewers. He said that this time the Iku character is presented in a different way.

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