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I remember once again my tiger. Tiger came to my house at the age of one month and supported me for 13 years.

Many of Tiger’s subans have a past. It is heartbreaking to remember Tiger and his sublime nature. While toiling in the shop alone, the figure of the same tiger shines in the mirror of the mind.

This time, Tiger’s memory is associated with Kajalkali (a female elephant waiting to die in Sauraha, Chitwan). Because I brought Tiger from Sauraha. So in every context of Sauraha, first I remember my Tiger. Rajesh Ghimire’s feature in Setopati has made my heart flutter, while reading Kajalkali’s condition in words. And the picture of Kajalkali printed there really makes me want to leave the robbery and cry.

Injuries to the corpse. Lumbar body in the mud and astonished eyes on the front of the same body which are covered by outer lid. This is the condition of Kajalkali. People are waiting for him to die! Oops! How cruel is this world, waiting for death to hear the beating!

Until a few months ago, she carried the man on her back to the forests of Sauraha. Kajalkali, who fell ill twice, did not seek relief because she was ill. Although she was taking medicine, she was able to seduce the tourist. She served her master. But the owner’s sympathy! Kajalkali was the only love I had while working!

Tears of amazement are flowing from Kajalkali’s old eyes now remembering the service rendered to the owner. This is not justice for him.

Kajalkali, who had been ill for a long time, should be given medicine and put on the shoulder of a stranger again! Why don’t the owners pay attention to the care of her condition, provision of nutritious food and rest?

I remember the beauty of the elephant. When the elephant reaches the river and sprinkles the fountain of water all over the human body, what a joy it gives! The sight of elephants bowing to elephants with their trunks raised is also seen in Sauraha. This agility and beauty of the elephant has also attracted many tourists to Sauraha. Sauraha is not the property of tourism businessmen and elephants! Then why are the businessmen of Sauraha unfamiliar with Kajal Kali!

I did not see Kajalkali. I did not see her work, agility, beauty, restraint, enthusiasm and vigor. But I am feeling his sincerity. While the words of online and newspaper are circulating, the timeless journey of Kajalkali is dancing in front of my eyes.

Carrying local and foreign tourists on her back, Kajalkali must have been looking for a rest when her body was searching for a trip to Rapti. It is true that Kajalkali forgot his tiredness in the joy of the guests jumping on his back after watching different species of animals and birds jumping in the forest. Have we ever heard or read that Kajalkali fought with a tourist while walking? Kajalkali did not stop walking and the tourists were left stranded. No, she never did. With only a small amount of strength in her body, she carried the tourists on her back to the forest beyond Rapti. She continued to serve her master by devoting herself to the happiness of the tourist.

Now look at the gift that Kajalkali got. Injuries to various parts of the body and death on the muddy ground. Why society has become so insensitive. Money determines everything! Use labor till the last moment and leave it unattended near death!

The news has also written about his treatment but that is not enough. At least he can feel comfortable waiting for death. 80. Let’s offer more sline, but Kajalkali must die easily.

Tears of amazement are flowing from Kajalkali’s old eyes now remembering the service rendered to the owner. This is not justice for him.

Death is true. No one can overcome it by arguing, disputing, obstructing or pleading. Death is true, whether of man or of beast or of beast. Every creature brings death in writing. But death should be easy for everyone.

Kajalkali also has the right to get the same facility. At least in the blink of an eye of his old age, let the leaps and excitement of the tourist dance in his memory! She can’t be happy remembering that moment! And let every little tears that flow from her eyes be dedicated to her master! Be devoted to the happiness given by the owner, the service done!

Legally, elephants are endangered species. The government also has a responsibility to keep and protect elephant statistics. Where is the government’s attention when painful news about Kajalkali is coming online and in newspapers? Shouldn’t the government find the owner of Kajalkali and bring him to justice? Doesn’t Kajalkali have to be taken to a suitable place to provide adequate treatment and food?

And animal rights activists! Why can’t their attention go to Kajalkali’s stupid body. Why don’t animal rights activists take the initiative to provide proper and necessary food and treatment by managing suitable habitat for Kajal Kali!

I am amazed at the bosses who use their labor to the fullest but do not serve in old age. And from the government that makes laws for animal rights, signs international treaties and agreements but does not show initiative and activism for its implementation and protection.

I don’t know what will happen to Kajalkali till this article is published. What will be the heartbeat of those who are waiting for death while listening to his heartbeat. But all I know is that this world is insensitive. It is even more insensitive to animals and birds.

How hard are the hearts that are not touched by the pain of Kajalkali. How distracted humanity is to become ignorant by seeing his stupid body fighting in the mud. And how much the mentality of the alleged owner, who has been using Kajal Kali’s labor for 5-6 years, has slipped away. In other words, our society, how meaningful this world is.

I myself am not pure. In the case of Tiger, who has been with me for 13 years, I could do nothing more than shed a few tears and bury his dead body in Karesabari and plant a sapling. I could not bring the Balero driver who killed him carelessly. It seems that my negligence is responsible for both the lack of legality or the presence of a pet. I could not take the necessary initiative to give legal justice to Tiger. I am helpless, amazed and perhaps even compelled.

Tiger and Kajalkali are the latest examples of negligence in the field of animal rights. Many Kajalkali and Tigers still do not get justice. Many Kajalkali in Sauraha are still dedicating their old age and sick body to the service of the owner for the happiness of as many tourists as possible. And many tigers are stranded on the road, dying in vain, waiting for death.

Should the government pay attention to such matters or not? Why can’t the government pay attention to such issues? This is a question that is very much related to animal consciousness. The government must answer that. If humanity is not dead, then every human being must give. And, we human rights activists who are envisioning a civilized society must also give.

We should not wait for the innocent death of Kajal Kali, we should all raise our voice in favor of their rights. Because the life of every creature is priceless. Their contribution to the society is invaluable.

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