‘Independent engineers should be connected nationwide’

'Independent engineers should be connected nationwide'

9 Asar, Dhangadhi. Santosh Prakash Joshi, who was born in 2043 BS in Dilasani of Baitadi, has been in UML for 16 years. But before the local elections, he left the UML and ran for president from an independent in Dilasani. He had formed a panel and fielded candidates from chairperson to members in 5 out of 7 wards of the village municipality. In 3 of these wards, the members including the ward chairperson also won from his panel.

Online news correspondent with Joshi, who has given his candidature for the post of Dilasaini village chairman along with the panel and won the election. Janak VishtaExcerpt from a conversation with:

How are you doing after being elected as the chairman of Dilasani?

We are paving the way for the prosperity of Dilasani village through electrification. The work of creating an environment for safe transportation by upgrading the road connecting the center of the village municipality has already started. Internet service expansion has been completed in 4 out of 7 wards and is in progress in the rest.

We are good people in the state and the union who are qualified, experienced and without controversy. We want to promote the people who have not got tickets in the party by joining independent engineers nationwide.

We are working on a plan for the consolidation of public education. A contract has already been called for the construction of a 10-bed hospital. We want to develop a new political culture and guarantee independence. Accordingly, decisions have been taken unanimously from the executive meeting so far. We have decided to give Rs 3,000 monthly as honorarium to the families of the martyrs and we will provide free health care to the conflict victims. Work has been started to run a disability rehabilitation center for persons with physical disabilities. We are working in a planned manner by demanding land for construction of administrative building and police post.

What are your main priorities?

Consolidation of public education and expansion of health care will be the main priority. How did the quality of education in government-invested schools deteriorate compared to private schools established in rural areas? We will improve it. In the health sector, we work with medical services as well as other factors related to public health. For example, during the Kovid epidemic in Baitadi, more people chose the path of suicide than corona. We want to reduce the incidence of suicides, we want to run programs related to mental health. A large number of people are dying due to road accidents. We run an accident reduction campaign in coordination with the traffic police. We regulate drug stores and clinics that sell drugs illegally to curb the growing menace of drug addiction. We give priority to the modality of equitable development keeping in view the preservation and promotion of local art and culture.

The biggest challenge right now is unemployment. The number of young people going to work in India and third countries is increasing. How do you solve the problem of unemployment?

Personally, I am also an ILO Certified Instructor in the field of Entrepreneurship. He also has experience in entrepreneurship training in different districts of the country.

In collaboration with financial governmental and non-governmental organizations, we will launch a financial literacy campaign to maintain economic discipline for the youth who are unable to work due to lack of capital and collateral. It is not easy to provide employment to everyone, but we work to make self-employed young people who are interested in working in a new way. Entrepreneurship development and becoming self-employed is not just a job but a specialty, so it does not have to happen all at once, it takes time.

Now schools should not be understood only as schools, they should be developed as enterprises. While studying and earning at Gokuleshwor College of Agriculture and Animal Science, the students have run various enterprises from non-seasonal vegetable farming to goat rearing and poultry rearing. It makes us excited. Now we want to run such programs in all schools, which develops the feeling of being entrepreneurial.

Active in the politics of CPN-UML, how did you have to resign from the party and fight independently?

Santosh Joshi’s candidature is not independent as he did not get ticket. It is not the case that Balen Shah and Gopi Hamal have risen alone. There was an independent candidacy with panel in Dilasani village municipality. As a result, the independent panel that won the election all over Nepal belongs to Dilasani.

The CPN-UML, which is running the executive or village assembly with a two-thirds majority in the 2074 election, has been limited to seven members today. The Maoist center has become zero while the Nepali Congress has become the second force. We are the greatest power. It is not the case that we have not deviated from Marxism, Leninism and the multi-party populism of the people, or that they have left the party organization on the pretext that any other philosophy is more appropriate than those political philosophies.

This is not to say that there is anything better than nationalism, democracy and socialism. But if we are communists, then the party committee should be run in a Leninist structure. We had to embrace not only Marxism, but also the practical side of the people’s multi-party democracy. That the CPN (UML) should not give place to a friend who has a different opinion, should it be expelled? Minority and majority should not be allowed to participate in the regular meeting of the party?

After seeing these practices and things for a long time in Dilasani, we have raised the voice of rebellion against it. We have tried to elevate the dream of development of the people, not without getting tickets. It is a situation where everyone from the toll to the district committee is standing against the tendency to become ‘ba’ due to the distortions, distortions and criticism from within the party.

What are the chances of UML returning to politics?

We are discussing that. Talks are also being held with the Maoist center in parallel. We are also advancing dialogue with the Nepali Congress. Everyone knows that RPP also has a good stronghold in the far west. We are also the initiators of the unbroken Far West movement, but now we are in the role of independent.

Not only Dilasani but also Gopal Hamal in Dhangadhi, Balen Shah in Kathmandu and Hark Sampang in Dharan have won the election independently. In the case of Dilasani, we have also elected independents in the ward. There is also an independent presence in the District Coordination Committee. That is why we have good people in the state and the union who are qualified, experienced and without controversy. We want to promote the people who have not got tickets in the party by joining independent engineers nationwide. Anyone with different political views can be involved in it.

As far as the question you asked. Politics is a game of chance. The party in which I wasted two decades of my life is not immediately reunited with the apathy, frustration and ‘ba’ tendency of the party leadership. I don’t even have that mandate.

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