Indian ‘Most Wanted’ Pappu arrested

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A man named (Pappu) on the Indian police’s ‘Most Wanted list has been arrested with a pistol and drugs. 

Pappukumar Patel, 41, of Indra Nagar, Jogbani Nagar Panchayat-9, who was involved in various criminal activities, has been arrested by the Armed Police Force along with a pistol and drugs. 

A team deployed under the command of Chief Armed Police Inspector Mausam Pokharel of the Armed Police Border Outpost Rani Biratnagar arrested Pappu from near Dakshin Gate of 16 Hulas Chowk in Biratnagar on Wednesday night. 

A preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that Pappu has been committing crimes in Nepal in the guise of collecting kabaddi.

Police have recovered a pistol and illegal drugs from Pappu. 

Armed Police Inspector Pokharel said that Pappu was arrested while he was on his way to Nepal through a dumping site near the Jange Border Pillar No. 180 along with a pistol and drugs.

“Pappu was found to have been very clever in bringing pistols and illegal drugs to Nepal,” said SP Tirtha Poudel of the Armed Police Force, Morang. 

Armed Police have recovered 292 ampoules of Avil Injection and 295 ampoules of Lupijesic Injection in a sharp pistol and two black plastic bags. 

It is alleged that Pappu had earlier extorted donations from Indian traders by showing them pistols. Pappu is accused of absconding from various crimes in India. 

Even the Indian police had intensified the search for Pappu. 

According to security sources, he has received many complaints from the police in India, from threatening businessmen to extorting donations.