Indian national Murdered in Sanepa

Indian national Murdered in Sanepa
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An Indian national has been killed in Sanepa of Lalitpur district. Satyanarayan Parik, 59, was killed by a hammer.

Lalitpur Police Chief SSP Kiran Bajracharya said that someone may have entered the house through the window and hit him with a hammer. 

According to him, some belongings of the house have also been lost, so another person may have entered the house with the intention of stealing.

The last time Parik spoke to a man was on Friday evening. Police said that no one was contacted after that. 

“The incident may have taken place on Friday evening or Saturday morning,” said a police source. “Further investigation is underway.”

Police have sent the body to TRIV Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj for postmortem. 

The time and cause of death will be revealed after the postmortem.