India’s rise is hitting south, causing more lockdowns

India’s rise hits Southern countries, leading to further lock-outs

The most recent declared lockdowns in two Southern States in India were the coronavirus cases breakneck across India, with the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressuring for a nationwide shutdown.

The capital of Bengaluru Karnataka has the most active caseload in every Indian city with over 300,000 people. But experts warn that what is still worse is the hump of oxygen shortages in India’s third largest town, overrunning hospitals and bumpy crematoria. The lock-down announcement in Tamil Nadu follows on Friday a daily record of over 26,000 cases.


More contaminating variants and government decisions to allow mass crowds to gather for religious and political festivals in the country, have swelled in India since February in a disastrous manner.


India reported 401,078 confirmed cases on Saturday with a registered death rate of 4,187. India has over 21.8 million infections, almost 240,000 deaths, confirmed and confirmed. Even those dramatic charges are undercounts, experts say.