Indrawati III Hydropower Project Reopens

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Indrawati hydropower

The 7.5 MW Indrawati III Hydropower Project, which was damaged by the floods in Melamchi River and Indrawati River on June 15, has come into operation. 

Project Chief Manolak Shrestha informed that the four towers of the transmission line damaged by the flood of Melamchi River and the structure of the powerhouse damaged by the flood of Indravati River were restored on Wednesday night. 

The floods in Indrawati destroyed the Tipeni dam and caused severe damage to civil works and electric machines. 

The flood also damaged the door of the sand-thawing desalting machine and the door of the under the press, causing damage to the tower and other works worth about Rs 25 million. 

Deputy Plant Manager Basant Lal Karna informed that a total loss of Rs. 55 million was incurred due to the shutdown of the project for a month and a half.

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