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July 9, Kathmandu. The seven basic principles of the Red Cross include humanity, fairness, neutrality, independence, volunteerism, unity and universality. However, the future of the Nepal Red Cross Society is in crisis as it has forgotten the guiding principles. The organization is in dire straits as the spirit of impartiality, neutrality, volunteerism and unity is weakening.

The legitimacy of the organization has expired as it has not been renewed since mid-July 2076 BS. The branch of the organization is getting tarnished due to the growth of irregularities and inefficiency. The NGO, which has a nationwide network, has not even been able to keep clear records of its own assets. In addition, property taxes have not been paid.

Renewal stopped for three years

The Nepal Red Cross Society has not been renewed since July 2076 BS as per the Institution Registration Act 2034 BS. The renewal of the institution has been stopped as the administration could not submit the required documents.

For the renewal, it is basically stuck with the recommendation of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the letter of Social Welfare Council. The metropolis has decided not to recommend the renewal of the institution until the property tax is paid.

On the other hand, the Social Welfare Council is not considering providing a letter approving the expenditure of the foreign aid received by the Nepal Red Cross. The metropolis is of the view that Rs 50 million should be paid for housing and property tax. “We wrote a letter to the metropolis saying that the amount had to be waived,” said an official of the previous ad hoc committee. It was not possible to renew it as it could not be recommended without paying taxes.

There is a legal provision that organizations can spend the money from foreign aid only with the approval of the Social Welfare Council. The Nepal Red Cross Society spent its foreign expenses arbitrarily by trampling on the legal system.

The Red Cross has not been approved by the Social Welfare Council to approve the expenditure without receiving prior approval. According to an employee of the organization, the amount spent without the approval of the Social Welfare Council is more than Rs 12 billion.

Saying that they will not be a part of the incompetence of the old working committees, the former president Dr. The working committee led by Netra Timsina had written a letter to the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, requesting renewal. The administration did not address the letter sent by the ad hoc committee headed by Timsina. “We are not part of the incompetence of the incumbents in the previous tenure. We have sent a letter demanding renewal of these documents because of them, ”said an official of the Timsina-led working committee. The Timsina Working Committee expected the upper body of the state to hold a hearing and make arrangements for the renewal.

The organization has not paid property tax since 2048 BS. Executive Director Umesh Dhakal says that it is impossible to submit the details of tax payment from the sub-branch to the center demanded by the administration. He said that the initiative to renew on the basis of the documents received is ongoing. “We are taking initiative to get the approval of foreign expenditure from the Social Welfare Council,” said Dhakal. “We have also formed a committee to expedite the renewal.” We will start the renewal process soon. ‘ He said that tax payment and audit documents from the sub-branch were impossible immediately.

In the white paper made public by the ad hoc committee of Timsina leadership on 11 September 2077, it was mentioned that the convention could not be held without renewal of the organization. The ad hoc committee led by Timsina failed to renew the convention. Executive Director of the Red Cross Dhakal is hopeful that the new ad hoc committee formed by the government for the second time will renew soon.

Irregularities occur, no action is taken

Complaints have been lodged with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Ministry of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) regarding the irregularities within the Red Cross Society.

No action has been taken against the culprit even though a report has been submitted by the government body to investigate. The investigation committees formed in the past are of the view that the purchase of land for the warehouse, manipulation in the tender for blood circulation building and the money received from foreign aid has been mobilized in violation of the law.

The Social Welfare Council had formed an investigation committee under the coordination of Min Bahadur Shahi on 4 June 2077 BS. In the report submitted by the team on 15 July 2077, it is mentioned that the then chairman Sanjiv Thapa and other officials of the working committee committed financial irregularities.

Meanwhile, the Timsina-led ad hoc committee had written a letter to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the police to take legal action against those who took unfair advantage of the land purchase. On 9 April 2078, the then leadership of the Red Cross wrote a letter to the CIB.

In the letter, it was mentioned that the investigation committee of the Red Cross had committed irregularities while purchasing the land as per the instructions of the District Administration Office, Kathmandu. A letter was sent to the warehouse to take action on the basis of a letter alleging that Rs.

Another incident of irregularities in the Nepal Red Cross was due to the funds provided by the Thai Red Cross. The Thai Red Cross provided लाख 500,000 for emergency rescue and ४० 4 million for the construction of a new blood transfusion center. The Thai Red Cross had even lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the remittances were not spent transparently. The foreign ministry had written a letter to the Home Ministry on April 29, 2010. On 15 April 2076, the District Administration Office, Kathmandu had formed a committee to investigate the matter and submit a report.

There is a lot of arbitrariness within the organization. Tenders were called twice for the construction of a six-storey blood circulation building on the exhibition road at Bhrikutimanda. The second tender was called after the metropolis decided not to allow the basement to have two floors. It was found that there was irregularity in the construction of the building as the contract was awarded at a higher cost even when one floor was less.

Lama Construction was given the responsibility of constructing the building without awarding the contract to Rasuwa Construction which offered low cost. Rasuwa Construction had pledged Rs 174.11 million. Lama Construction had proposed 192.4 million 54 thousand 758. The contract was awarded to the lama who pledged more money. There was a dispute that irregularities were committed while awarding the contract.

The working committee headed by former president Sanjiv Thapa was found guilty in all the cases of financial impropriety. Though the Ministry of Home Affairs, District Administration Office, Kathmandu has written to the Central Investigation Department of the police to take action against the culprits including the blood transfusion building contract and purchase of land for the warehouse, the action has not been taken yet.

Former president of the organization Timsina alleges that the ‘interest group’ has an influence in not taking action against the culprit. An investigation committee within the Social Welfare Council, District Administration Office and the Red Cross has found financial irregularities. However, no action will be taken against the culprits, ”said Timsina.

Executive Director Dhakal rejects Timsina’s statement that no action was taken under the influence of anyone. “Do we influence the district administration office and the CIB?” He retorted.

There is no real record of one’s own property

Founded on 19 September 2020, the Red Cross Society is over 59 years old. Institutions that have land in different parts of the country do not have accurate details of their assets. Employees of the organization say that they do not have definite details.

There are land and warehouses in Kathmandu, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Itahari, Katari, Pokhara, Rupandehi, Nepalgunj, Kanchanpur and other places. However, Executive Director Dhakal admits that there is no exact details of the land in some places outside Kathmandu.

He said that others have been using the land of Red Cross for decades. According to Dhakal, work will be started to find out the facts about the land grabbers. The organization has clarified that the land tax of the land not used by the Red Cross cannot be paid.

Former president Timsina informed that Tibetan refugees have settled in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Solukhambul and other areas. He said that even paying the land tax in the name of the Red Cross but being used by others would cost more than crores.

The vehicle tax of four-wheeled vehicles in the name of the organization has been paid after repeated notices from the transport department. A lump sum of Rs 11.9 million was paid as tax. Of the 242 motorcycles, only 57 have been taxed so far.

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