International Mother Language Day in Nepal is being observed

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Several programs are being held today to commemorate International Mother Language Day in Nepal too.

Since 2000, when the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed the day in 1999, February 21 has been observed as International Mother Language Day.

Since February 21, 2000, it has been observed all around the world. The declaration was made as a tribute to the Bangladeshi language movement (then the East Pakistanis). Since the year 2000, Nepal has been commemorating International Mother Language Day in a distinctive way.

According to a recent study, two languages are lost every 15 days over the world.

The Nepal Academy, Language Commission, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are jointly organizing a festival of mother language poetry as well as a cultural procession of different ethnic communities today to preserve and protect mother languages, especially those that are disappearing.

The host organizations emphasized the importance of collaboration among stakeholders to safeguard dwindling mother tongues.

On Sunday, the three groups held a lecture event titled “Mother Language and Mother Language Literature” to commemorate the occasion.

On this occasion, four working papers were given. 23 out of 37 languages with fewer than 1,000 speakers are in danger of extinction, according to the report.

The speakers unanimously emphasized the need of working to safeguard and preserve endangered languages.