Is Brit Prawat Sick? Brain Illness And Health Update On Crime Junkie Star

is brit prawat sick brain illness and health update on crime junkie star

Brit Prawat, the co-host of Crime Junkie, is claimed to be suffering from a neurological disease. Continue reading to learn more about her current health situation.

Brit Prawat is a well-known American podcast host and social media figure best known for co-hosting the Crime Junkie podcast. Not to mention, the podcast is hosted by Ashley Flowers, who was introduced to podcasts by Prawat.

The Weird One, The Rude Ones, and The Ones Who Stay Alive are the three categories in which they have classified their supporters. Crime Junkie is a popular weekly podcast among crime fans, although it has had its share of controversy. A former journalist and several fellow podcasters indicted Prawat and Flowers in early 2019 for exploiting their jobs without credit in episodes.

They also chastised the hosts for secretly removing episodes when the truth became public. After that, the podcast lost its position as the most popular in the country.

Brit PrawatBrit Prawat

Brit Prawat

Health Update – Crime Junkie Star Brit Prawat Suffering From A Brain Illness

Brit Prawat, the star of Crime Junkie, is suffering from a brain condition, which has startled many people. Ashley Flowers, who runs the YouTube channel Crime Junkie, was the first to break the news on May 4, 2022.

Ashley explained in the video that Prawat had a rapid brain bleed last week, which resulted in a clot in her brain. In addition, she has had three brain surgery in the last week. Ashley also stated that she was fortunate enough to escape the situation.

Prawat is currently on bed rest, and it is expected that she would need several months to fully recover. Furthermore, Crime Junkie’s Instagram page has shared a post encouraging people to send notes to Brit to help her feel more at ease. Ashley will undoubtedly provide more information on her health in the future.

The Weight-Loss Journey of Brit Prawat

Brit Prawat’s appearance has undergone various modifications, as many have noted. She is claimed to have shed a lot of weight in the last few years, but she doesn’t appear to have followed any sort of diet plan.

We might speculate, however, that she may have lost weight as a result of work stress and a rigorous schedule.

Brit Prawat Husband & Family

Brit Prawat is blissfully married to her adored spouse, Justin Daniel, in her personal life. Prawat and Daniel are high school sweethearts, according to her Instagram bio, and they now enjoy a wonderful life together.

Daniel has also published a number of photos with his wife on his Instagram account. The couple, who have been married for a long time, have already started their own family and are the proud parents of two children.

Furthermore, the four-person family lives with their two canines, Niles and Roz. We can look at their social media accounts to learn more about their way of life.

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