Is Brittany Renner Pregnant With Rapper YG? Fans Curious After Seeing Them Dating

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Fans are speculating about Brittany Renner and YG Renner’s pregnancy after they were seen having ice cream together.

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model and former Jackson State soccer player. She was a member of the SWAC champion Jackson State University basketball team in 2010.

She is 29 years old and has been in the headlines numerous times over the years due to her various relationships. She was reportedly speculated to be expecting a child with rapper YG. What percentage of the rumours are true? Let’s have a look.

Brittany RennerBrittany Renner

Brittany Renner

Is Brittany Renner Expecting Her Second Child?

Brittany Renner is not expecting another child. Despite the fact that the author has been active on Instagram, there has been no trace of her baby belly until today. She has also been silent about her pregnancy.

Brittany Renner has a child with her ex-boyfriend P.J. Washington. Two months after confirming her pregnancy, she and Charlotte Hornets announced the birth of their baby in May 2021.

Renner and Washington had a child together before splitting up in July of that year. Renner is single and hasn’t been romantically associated to anyone since her relationship with P.J. Washington ended in 2022.

Rumors of Brittany Renner dating rapper YG have been debunked

Brittany Renner appears to have moved on from her ex-boyfriend. On Thursday, YG aka Keenon Jackson, a Compton native, was caught on a date with fitness model and social media star Brittany Renner (April 21).

According to photographs circulating on social media, YG and Renner were seen enjoying ice cream together while out and about in Los Angeles. They were seated together on a bench outside the ice cream parlour, looking to enjoy each other’s company, with YG glancing closely at Renner in one image.

Brittany Renner’s Relationships in Detail

Drake, James Harden, and Chris Brown have all been linked to Brittany Renner in the past. In February 2021, the social media sensation also revealed her connection with NBA player P.J. Washington.

The pair revealed that they were expecting a child together in March 2021. After the couple ended their relationship in July of that year, Washington appears to have deleted their Tweets.

“You were faking it all along,” Washington allegedly said after his romance with Renner. The media were unable to locate the reference to his statement.

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