Is Chrisean Rock Arrested Again? Drugs & Theft Scandal

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Chrisean Rock is a well-known Instagram star and model who is known for posting lifestyle content as well as modeling photos for swimwear and streetwear brands. He was recently arrested for digging and theft. The former Blueface Records singer keeps breaking the law.

Chrisean Rock is best known for taking part in Blueface’s OnlyFans series, the Blue Girls Club, where she lost her front teeth in a fight.

Blueface finally showed her appreciation by putting Rock on his record label, Blueface Record, and then by getting his name tattooed on her face.

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock

Is Chrisean Rock Arrested Again?

Chrisean Rock, an artist who seems to have a lot of problems, was arrested again in New Orleans on Friday, May 13, on a warrant from Oklahoma.

The Orleans County Sheriff’s Office website says that she is being held at the Orleans Judicial Center right now. Malone posted a video of herself walking down Bourbon Street just a few hours ago, but her night didn’t end the way she had planned.

Reports say that Locke was not charged with stealing a car from Blueface. She was also said to have done bad things with drugs, like having them and selling them.

According to police reports that HU shared, Locke’s last fight took place in New Orleans, where an Oklahoma warrant was reportedly issued. However, she may have been detained by the Blueface team. It’s not clear if is taking care of her problem.

Drugs & Theft Scandal Case Of Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock was arrested after he broke into Blueface’s house again and stole a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. He was suspected of selling illegal drugs.

The Wack 100 says that Blueface’s manager Chrisisean Rock got into Blueface’s house again, this time with cash and Blueface’s G-car. She was in Oklahoma, 1,700 miles away, when they told her. There, she was caught selling crack cocaine and driving a car that had been stolen from her.

Chrisean Malone, whose real name is Chrisean Rock, was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons after he broke into Blueface’s home in Los Angeles for the second time. Since then, DJ Akademiks leaked her new mugshot, which shows that she looks like she’s crying, making her have to smile.

A young artist with big dreams wrote on Instagram that she broke into Blueface’s house last month because she loves him because he “gets out of the ghetto.”

Emotional Chrisean’s fans wondered why she didn’t talk to her after the rapper broke up with her last December because she said he was possessed and broke into the house while he was away. I gave you an answer.

Artist Chrisean Rock Boyfriend – Are They Still Together?

Chrisean Rock and her boyfriend, Blueface, were found together not too long ago.

American rapper Jonathan Jermall Porter is his real name. Couples have strong bonds, and they often post pictures of their cute moments on Instagram.

Blueface hit Chrisean Rock, who used to be one of his artists, after she stole his car on Monday and was caught in Oklahoma.

The rapper called her on his Instagram story and said he thought she stole her car and drove it to Baltimore, which is 25 hours away from Danaus. He also said that stealing is the worst thing a woman can do and that he has respect for prostitutes.

Her childhood wasn’t always easy. Her father went to jail, and her mother had a drug problem.

Chrisean Rock Is Available On Instagram?

Chrisean Rock’s Instagram handle is chriseanxblueface, and he has 2625 followers.

They were seen skating together not too long ago. Their fans are thrilled to see them together because they look so good.

They go together so well that it seems like they’ve been together their whole lives. Her boyfriend told her that she cried every day in front of her.

They both seem very happy to be together. She is 21 years old and can dance and play music.

She’s been in a lot of her music videos and made her own songs. In December 2015, she began to share her posts on Instagram. She was born on March 14, 2000, and lived in different parts of Baltimore as she grew up. She is one of eleven of her mother’s twelve children and comes from a big family.

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