Is Codi Bigsby Found? Hampton Missing Case Update, Age & Parents

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If Codi Bigsby is found, people are worried. Learn everything there is to know about the missing case and what will happen in 2022. More information can be found by scrolling down.

Codi Bigsby has been gone for a little over a month. After his son was not to be seen in the morning, his father Cory filed a missing person report on January 31.

Since the news broke, the entire town has rallied to look for the small kid. A group of volunteers set out to find him in the woods of Hampton’s northern portion.

Since the case was made public, a charity organization called Water Team Inc. has been searching for him. Aside from that, residents of the neighborhood and Hampton Roads formed their own search party to find him.

Codi BigsbyCodi Bigsby

Codi Bigsby

Is Codi Bigsby Found? Hampton Missing Case Update

Codi Bigsby has been gone for about two months, according to her father Cory. There is currently no update on the case, according to a Hampton Police representative.

The communities, on the other hand, have not given up hope and are continuously searching for the young child. Cory Bigsby was charged with seven counts of felony child neglect not related to Codi’s absence during his disappearance.

Authorities believe Codi’s father is the primary suspect in his son’s disappearance. Cory was interrogated for a total of 76 hours, according to reports.

The communities are still gathering to search for Codi, as Bell stated for the first time that Codi is “still missing but presumed dead.”

Codi Bigsby’s Age: What Is His Age?

Codi Bigsby is a little child of four years old. People are concerned about him because he has been gone for more than two months.

Meanwhile, a 25-thousand-strong Facebook group is still searching for him. The missing youngster is the focus of an organization called “Codi Bigsby- Missing from Hampton, Va.”

Karena Thomas, the page’s co-creator, emphasized that they are committed to preserving his name. They’re still looking for him online, hoping to find him alive.

Codi Bigsby: What Happened? Parents of the Child

Cody Bigsby, a young boy, has gone missing for the past two months. Meanwhile, his father Cory, one of his parents, is the case’s major suspect.

His mother, on the other hand, is concerned about her child’s safety. Despite the fact that both of his parents initially piqued people’s curiosity, his mother has been cast aside.

She is actively involved in the search for his infant boy, hoping to discover him alive. The positive news regarding the four-year-old, on the other hand, is still on the way.

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