Is Dani Welniak Leaving KCTV5? Sports Director Is Planning To Change Jobs, So Where Is She Going

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Many people were disappointed to learn that Dano Welniak will be departing KCTV5. Find out where she’s headed right now.

After Dani Welniak formally announced her departure from KCTV5, people were already wondering where they could watch their favorite reporter again. They can watch her on the same network till the end of the week, thankfully.

 Dani Welniak

Dani Welniak

Is Dani Welniak on his way out of KCTV5? What Will She Do Now?

Dani revealed on her social media account that she would be leaving the Locker Room Show at KCTV5 on Sunday night. She thanked Kansas City in a long written graphic she shared on Twitter.

She will not leave the house until Friday, when her final program will air. She congratulated everyone on the team in an appreciation post for the network channel. She also stated that her career would not have been as successful if it hadn’t been for the people that walked into her show and everyone she interviewed.

Nonetheless, she did not forget about her viewers who had watched and listened to her shows, as she usually did. Following the post, it appears that she may have had a wonderful chance ahead of her, prompting her to leave her Kansas employment.

As a result, her followers are waiting for her to reveal where she plans to go next in her career. People are already saddened by the fact that this is her final week on the station.

Dani Welniak and Bradly Welniak have a little family

On April 8, ten years ago, the presenter Dani married her spouse Bradly after he proposed to her.

She also shared a photo of her partner proposing to her on his knees with a ring.

Furthermore, the couple appears to have exchanged vows on June 15, 2014, since the reporter has released a photo of their wedding in 2020.

She continues to share photographs from her professional life to her social media accounts. But she never fails to post a photo of her family, particularly her children.

They are, in fact, already parents. In October 2020, the couple had their first child, a lovely daughter.

What is Dani Welniak Salary? In 2022 her remuneration will be

Dani’s income as the Sports Director for KCTV5 could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which she has never felt the need to reveal to the public. She may not be personally connected in any firm as an employee now that she has stepped down from the post.

In 2011, the former footballer began her journalistic career as a Sports Anchor. She worked for KWCH 12 (Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc.) for five years and two months, according to her LinkedIn site, where she detailed her experience.

In 2016, she was also assigned to the Chiefs Radio Network as a Sideline Reporter. In September of this year, she resigned from her position there. She also worked as a freelance Radio Color Analyst for Pikewood Creative as a Fox Football Radio Network Color Analyst.

She began her career at KCTV5 as a sports reporter and worked there for nearly six years. She said her goodbyes to the company on June 20, 2022, after finishing her final episode of the network Locker Room Show the night before. This next Friday, she will be shown on the network screen. She was appointed as the channel’s Sports Director.

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