Is Fair Go Presenter Pippa Wetzell Pregnant In 2022 And Is She Still Married To Torrin Crowther?

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The host of “Fair Go,” Pippa Wetzell, already has three children with her boyfriend. Some fans wonder if she’ll conceive again in 2022.

In the entertainment sector, Pippa Wetzell is a well-known journalist and television personality.

Pippa began her career with TVNZ in the late 1990s, working on the graveyard shift of the 1 News assignment desk. She rose up the ranks, reporting and producing on Breakfast, Business, and Midday before spending five years as a 1 News reporter in Wellington and Auckland.

Pippa Wetzell

Pippa Wetzell

Is Fair Go Presenter Pippa Wetzell Pregnant In 2022?

Pippa Wetzell and her boyfriend, Torrin Crowther, are well aware that they have struck the parenting sweet spot with their three children.

Pippa’s pregnancy has sparked a lot of conjecture. Without official confirmation, it would be difficult to divulge any of her personal details. She’s also not very active on her social media platforms, which could be a hint.

For the time being, we can rule out the chance of a pregnancy in such circumstances.

Torrin Crowther, Pippa Wetzell’s Husband: Married Life And Family

Pippa Wetzell’s long-term boyfriend, Torrin Crowther, is now her husband. Crowther is a well-known attorney who has received numerous prizes in his field. Torrin is an expert in competition law who advises clients on a wide range of competition-related issues, with an emphasis on cross-border mergers and acquisitions and cartel leniency.

Brodie Crowther, Taj Crowther, and Cameron Crowther are the couple’s three children. Brodie Crowther, their eldest daughter, is 11 years old and enjoys reading and dancing. Cameron is nine years old, and Taj is seven years old. They’re all at that age where their lives are a jumble, but Pippa is still needed, which is great for her.

Pippa and her husband, Torrin Crowther, are well aware that they have found the parenting sweet spot with their three children.

Pippa Wetzell’s Early Years: A Retrospective

Pippa Wetzell was born in New Zealand on January 26, 1977. Carol Wetzell was born to her father, Clem Wetzell, and her mother, Carol Wetzell. Pippa’s parents had divorced by the time she was 14. Carol raised Pippa, Anya, and Kylie as a single mother. Carol combined raising the girls with running a single club after her divorce from their father, Clem Wetzell, when the kids were still young.

Pipa completed her secondary school education at Takapuna Grammar School. She was also selected one of the city’s outstanding young women in 1994. Pippa earned a certificate in communications from Auckland University of Technology as well.

Her parents are also quite close to the television host. Because of her father’s commitment to the organization, she agreed to work full-time as a Westpac Rescue Helicopter ambassador. Pippa and her mother, Carol, had always considered time to be the most significant present they could give one other. Carol and Pippa, the mother and daughter, both have busy schedules. Pippa describes the closeness of Pippa’s complete family.

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