Is Kyrie Irving Fasting During Ramadan? Basketball Player All Set To Play While Respecting His Faith

Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving, a 30-year-old American basketball player, will fast for Ramadan throughout the next month. What we know about his religion and faith is as follows.

Kyrie Irving is a well-known American basketball player who now plays for the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets (NBA). He has been a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets since 2019.

Irving has also represented the United States at the national level. He was considered for a spot on the Australian Olympic team for the 2012 Games. Instead of focusing on the designation for the US national team for the 2016 Olympic Games, he chose not to show his birth country.

Irving was also a member of the United States national basketball team at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Furthermore, Ramadan 2022 has begun, and Irving will be fasting for the next month once again.

Is Kyrie Irving Fasting During Ramadan?

Kyrie Irving is fasting in honour of Ramadan. Irving wrote in a tweet, “And so it begins…” Please lead all of my Brothers/Kings and Sisters/Queens, thank you. As a result, we can claim that he is fasting during Ramadan.

He had already mentioned fasting throughout Ramadan. Irving is claimed to be participating in Ramadan with numerous Muslim brothers and sisters, according to a report. He will be able to eat and drink after dusk until daybreak after fasting for Ramadan.

For your information, Ramadan is the Muslim holy month, which is observed by the majority of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. It is one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar, and Muslims observe a strict daily fast from sunrise to sunset for the whole month.

Irving, Kyrie Muslim Faith and Islam Religion

When it comes to his religious beliefs, Kyrie Irving is a Muslim who practises his faith. He spoke honestly about his personal life, which was tied to his religion, in 2021.

He mentioned being a member of the Muslim community and what it’s like to observe Ramadan, according to Yahoo. He is now outspoken about his faith. He tweeted about Allah, which is the Arabic word for God, in March 2021.

All compliments to God (Allah) for keeping me safe out there on that court, he said in the respect tweet. It was a privilege, and I am grateful. I give you, God(Allah), all the honour for blessed me with my gifts and talents.

As a result, Irving has decided to fast during Ramadan. Ramadan began on the evening of April 2 and will end on the evening of May 2 in the United States this year.