Is Laura Pregnant In 365 Days 2? What Happened To Her? Ending Explained

is laura pregnant in 365 days 2 what happened to her ending

Many viewers have learned about their favourite cast member Laura, who appears to be pregnant, thanks to a recent episode of 365 Days 2. The following is what we know about her.

The long-awaited 365 Days sequel has finally arrived on Netflix, and we can now watch it there. Moreover, many individuals have appreciated many casts, one of which is Laura. The character has evolved into his Mob wife and a formidable force in her own right.

In the new film, she struggles to adjust to her new situation while falling in love with Massimo’s attractive gardener. Sieklucka is a multi-talented actress, singer, and dancer. People were startled when Laura revealed that she was pregnant in the most recent episode of this show. As a result, followers of 365 Days 2 desire to learn more about this subject.

365 Days 2365 Days 2

365 Days 2

365 Days 2: Laura Reveals She’s Pregnant

Laura stated that she was pregnant at the end of the first film, but she had yet to notify Massimo. She and Olga discuss how she lost the baby during the assassination attempt on this day in 365 Days. As a result, Olga persuades Laura to inform Massimo of the situation, as it’s never a good idea to hide dark secrets from your partner. Massimo is not only unaware that Laura is pregnant, but he is also unaware that she has lost the baby.

Laura is also concerned that if she tells him, he would become much more enraged and launch an all-out fight with the other mafia, making things even worse. With all of these information, we can safely conclude that Laura is expecting a child. In the future, we will provide you with additional information.

What Has Been Happening To Laura?

Laura, as previously said, goes through several horrific events in the film. She was on the verge of dying, and the baby was lost in the process. Aside than that, there is virtually little information on Laura’s fate. Aside from that, Laura and Olga both escaped the assassination attempt in the tunnel.

Massimo and Laura finally exchange wedding vows and begin their honeymoon phase of married bliss in the beginning of the film. Furthermore, Olga and Domenico get engaged at Christmas and appear to be happy together, underscoring the depth of Laura and Massimo’s relationship.

365 Days 2 Ending Explained: Laura & Massimo Relationship Timeline

Laura’s pregnancy was disclosed at the end of the film, as we’ve already mentioned. People, on the other hand, are curious as to whether she is alive or dead. The good news is that she is very likely still alive. Another 365 Days is the final instalment in Blanka Lipinska’s trilogy, and Laura remains the main character.

Because the third film was supposedly shot concurrently with the second, it’s safe to assume that Laura will survive her injuries.

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