Is Nancy Ajram Racist? Religion And Ethnicity – Is She Biased Against Iranian People?

is nancy ajram racist religion and ethnicity is she biased against iranian people

Social media users are asking Lebanese singer-TV personality Nancy Ajram to apologize for her alleged racist prank. Is Nancy racist? What’s the matter? Let’s find out. 

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram is a well-known Lebanese singer, TV personality, and entrepreneur. She is currently experiencing backlash online as a result of the so-called blackface prank film.

Nancy is also considered one of the best-selling Middle Eastern musicians, having sold over 30 million CDs globally as of 2007.

Nancy was also named the best-selling female Middle Eastern singer of the decade (2000–2009). Aside from that, the singer has eleven studio albums and numerous chart-topping singles to her credit during her career.

Nancy Ajram Is Facing Backlash For Her Prank- Is She Racist?

Nancy Ajram has recently become a contentious topic on the internet. People are upset to see her participate in such terrible pranks, which have outraged many of her admirers and people all around the world.

Ajram also received a lot of backlash after her viral video, which she published on her Instagram profile, went viral. Following the video, Ajram is said to have dressed in blackface.

Meanwhile, blackface is the practice of darkening one’s skin tone, which has upset many people and is widely regarded as a racist caricature of African-Americans and their cultures, which have a long history in the Middle East and elsewhere.

In addition, the Instagram video has been viewed over 1 million times. We can see, however, that she made no clear remarks about race or anti-blackness.

The 39-year-old is shown in the viral video wearing a lot of makeup, going to parties, and shopping. The video ends with the singer taking off her makeup and snapping photos with the restaurant’s personnel.

Although the act appears to be harmless and amusing, it has sparked widespread internet outrage, with several people claiming to apologize for the hoax.

Nancy Ajram Religion And Ethnicity

On May 16, 1983, the 39-year-old singer and television personality was born and reared in a Lebanese Christian home. While researching Nancy’s Wikipedia page, we discovered that she and her family are Christians.

Furthermore, Ajram is a Lebanese national who hails from Achrafieh, a district in Beirut, Lebanon. Furthermore, according to others, she is of Middle Eastern heritage.

Nancy Ajram Is Said To Be Biased Against Iran

After her official website was hacked in 2006, Ajram apologized on Facebook in 2011 for anti-Iranian sentiments that were erroneously attributed to her.

In 2018, Ajram sparked yet another controversy when it was revealed that her crew had requested that all of the rainbow flags be removed from her performance at the Gothenburg Pride event. Following the uproar, Hamed Sinno publicly chastised her on Facebook.

Nancy is accused of being anti-Iran as a result of this. However, because no one on social media has remarked that she is anti-Iran, it is pointless to claim so.

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