Is Pregnant With A Baby Again? Pinned Tweet Leads Viewers Into A Confusion

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Nikki Battiste is a journalist, producer, and television personality from the United States. In her journalism career, Nikki has won an Emmy and a Peabody Award.

Nikki was up in a little rural town called Newport, Pennsylvania. She had access to televisions, cars, and other modern comforts as she grew up. Growing up, Nikki was daring and sporty. She was a horseback rider, a basketball player, a softball player, a field hockey player, and a track runner.

Nikki Battiste

Nikki Battiste

Nikki Battiste’s Bio And Wikipedia Page

Nikki is a person who keeps to herself. She has kept the majority of her personal information hidden from the broader public. As a result, her exact age remains uncertain. Her age is unknown, however based on her appearance, she appears to be in her mid-thirties.

Battiste graduated from Newport High School, as she stated on her Facebook page. Battiste moved on to the University of Pennsylvania after graduating from high school, where she played college hockey. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science, philosophy, and economics. She’s currently employed with CBS News. In 2018, she joined the station’s news crew.

Dean Simpson, Nikki Battiste’s husband

Dean Simpson, a soccer coach and program director, is married to Nikki Battiste. They initially met in New York City’s Standard Hotel Biergarten in May of 2012. Dean expressed his admiration for Nikki’s lovely smile. Then, while they conversed, he admired Nikki’s poise, elegance, and intrigue.

Nikki had been told by a mutual friend that she wanted her to meet this amazing, attractive Welsh guy who lived in New York six months before they were due to meet. They dated for another two years.

Nikki proposed to Battiste at a surprise rooftop party in New York with Nikki’s friends and family. With the help of Lindsey Scoggins, a custom jewelry designer, he had created a magnificent oval ring.

Nikki mentioned that his husband Dean put a lot of thinking into the day and that she was really fortunate. Dean, she said, is the most optimistic, kind, and gentle human she has ever met, and he is also stunning.

In 2016, the couple married in New York’s Oheka Castle. The pair married in accordance with their individual traditions, according to Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. The atmosphere was maintained uncomplicated and threatening.

Children of Nikki Battiste

In May 2020, the couple welcomed their first child, a boy. During the Covid-19 outbreak, she had to birth her baby.

The pair was separated throughout the delivery of the infant in order to avoid the Covid-19 virus from spreading to the mother and kid.

Is CBS’s Nikki Battiste expecting another child?

Nikki pinned a tweet from CBS Mornings a few days ago, wishing Nikki and her family well as she prepares to become a mother for the first time in 2020. Nikki’s behaviour has caused viewers to be perplexed. Many people are speculating as to whether she is pregnant again.


We don’t know if it’s early indirect information for the viewers or if she’s reliving her recollections. After seeing Nikki’s tummy bump, many people believe the couple is expecting their second child. Nikki has yet to make an official comment or provide any details.

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