Is Rapper 12 Honcho Arrested? Charges Details On Twitter, What Is His Real Name?

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Rapper 12 Honcho is a rising star who made a splash in the entertainment industry with his recent single ‘Depressed.’

Rapper 12 HonchoRapper 12 Honcho

Rapper 12 Honcho

12 is a rapper. Honcho is a rapper from Florida who grew up in Los Angeles. He suffered for a long time in his hometown before deciding to relocate to a new city and start over.

The rapper’s arrest has recently shook the Internet world, particularly Twitter. Let’s go into the nitty gritty of what happened to Honcho.

Is Rapper 12 Honcho in Jail?

Even though the actual piece of news has yet to surface on the Internet, speculation about 12 Honcho’s arrest has been making the rounds on social media recently. He shared his life tale with the media when he got to sing a song produced by Justin Beiber and Lady gag, collaborating with Blood PoP.

In the widely circulated interview, he revealed his vulnerable side to the public. The rapper acknowledged to selling illegal narcotics and stated that he was going through a hard patch. He became even more agitated when a musical voyage began but did not take off as planned.

This was more of a heart-to-heart talk in which he shared his darkest moments. Many people then identified with him and empathized with his tale. This time, the rumors about his detention on Twitter have been related to his previous habit.

Rapper 12 is believed to have been detained for drug-related charges, which is linked to his prior admission of using the substance.

Rapper 12 Honcho Charges On Twitter

On Twitter, users are speculating about the rapper’s likely charges, despite the fact that the rapper’s arrest has yet to be confirmed by reliable sources. Similarly, the rumors can be found on various social media platforms.

His breakthrough song ‘Depressed’ catapulted him into the spotlight recently. The song’s video drew even more attention, as Honcho delves into darkness to film it, making it feel more real than ever.

What is the real name of rapper Honcho 12?

12 is a rapper. Honcho wants to be addressed by his stage name rather than his given name, hence he has chosen to keep his real name hidden. For various reasons, many rappers prefer to be addressed by their stage name.

Even though Honcho has never stated why he does not want his fans to know his real name, we assume he prefers to keep his work and personal lives separate.

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