Jacob Hoggard Trial Update: $ex Assault Trial Continues Monday

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The Sex Assault Trial of Jacob Hoggard will resume on Monday: Jacob Hoggard is accused of sexually assaulting and raping a 16-year-old girl, and his trial began on Monday with witnesses to the alleged rape at a hotel room at an airport in September 2016. The 37-year-old Jacob Hoggard Hedley frontman pled not guilty to sexually harassing a minor, as well as two charges of assault and physically abusing the victim. and charges are brought against two different complainants. Although Jacob Hoggard has admitted to having a sexual contact with mutual permission, the accusers are inventing the story and making false charges.

Jacob Hoggard

Jacob Hoggard

Jacob Hoggard Trial Update

Jacob Hoggard, 37, is accused of committing a sexual offence against him in 2016, but his lawyer and Jacob Hoggard told the court that it was not as it appeared. He had relationships with each of them, but only with their permission, and he never assaulted anyone. Both complaints, according to his counsel, are false allegations of violence and raping that left the victim physically damaged. The jury will hear the accuser’s companion who witnessed the blood in the accuser’s pants, just as they did during the initial overview of pieces of evidence.

Jacob Hoggard: Who Is He?

All of this, as well as the accuser and Jacob Hoggard, is explained to the Chief and from the time the incident occurred. The 16-year-old girl and Jacob Hoggard were intending to attend a performance, and the girls asked him for tickets. Jacob Hoggard proposed that they come along, and the girls didn’t reject because there was a ride back home. Only Jacob Hoggard held her a little tighter than normal, which she later told her mother about. She also admits that no hanky-panky took place. She also states that she never contacted Jacob Hoggard and that the two never went to any more Hedley performances or the chief examination together.

The $ex assault trial of Jacob Hoggard resumes on Monday

The victim’s statement, which was put on Twitter as eviction, says she is petrified of what happened that day and has deleted her social media. She also says she doesn’t want to go anywhere because she is so afraid she has nightmares. Her mother took her to the police station as well as a doctor to ensure her safety. She also said Jacob Hoggard was unprotected. Her mother is devastated by the tragedy and works with her daughter to help her overcome her sadness, restart her life, and become more confident. She also stated that Jacob Hoggard was the main person they spoke with that night, and that they all went backstage to chat with him before and after the show. Despite this, experiments proceeded.

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