Jacqueline in love with a businessman from the South

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Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s name has been associated with Actor Salman Khan from time to time. 

Jacqueline Fernandez Boyfriend

Jacqueline spent time at Salman’s farmhouse during last year’s lockdown. 

Even though Salman’s name was linked, the news that he was in love could not be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Indian media has made public the news that the actress Fernandez is in love with a businessman from the South.

Jacqueline is also planning to move in with her boyfriend in Mumbai soon. According to media reports, Jacqueline had been looking for a home in the Juhu area for several months. Now, she has found a home and is working on decorating it. According to media reports, Jacqueline continues to communicate with her boyfriend through video.

The name of the trader from the South has not been made public. However, it is said that these beautiful Sri Lankans are very serious in their love.

The interior design of the house has been handed over to a famous French company, according to media reports. Jacqueline’s song ‘Pani Pani’ has been a hit lately.