Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO is now open for applications.

Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO
Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO

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Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO

A notice about an Initial Public Offering was recently published by Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta (IPO). Information on public issue and sale of ordinary shares from Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta Microfinance. Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha launches an IPO application for the general public.

The firm would issue 522,000 ordinary shares with a face value of Rs 100 each. It is governed by the Companies Act, 2063 BS, as well as the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 2073 BS. Kaski District, Pokhara Municipal Corporation Ward no. 8, Simalchaur, Kaski is the MFI’s registered office.

How to Apply for Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO

Employees have been allocated 0.5 percent of the issued capital, i.e. 8000 ordinary shares, and the collective investment fund has been allocated 5% of the shares allotted to the general public, i.e. 36,100 shares. The remaining 4 lakh 87 thousand 500 lots will be open to the general public to apply for.

Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO
Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta IPO

When applying for the shares, applicants will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 5,220 lots. The shares will be available for purchase starting on Magh 21 and will close on Magh 25 at the earliest and Falgun 6 at the latest.

From Magh 21, 2078 BS, IPO applications will be accepted.

10 Kittas are required as a minimum share size.

The following is the maximum number of shares that can be used: 5,220 Kitta.

Closing date for IPO applications (soon): Magh 25, 2078 (After Banking Time)

Prabhu Capital Limited is the IPO Shares Merchant Office.

IPO Result Date: IPO Result Date: IPO Result Date: IPO Result Date: (The methods for checking IPO results are listed below.)

Iporesult.cdsc.com.np Use IPO Shares How to Apply for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Share

C-ASWA member banks and financial institutions, as well as the My Share website and mobile app, can apply for the company’s IPO. The general public can also apply for an IPO through the Nepal Securities Board’s regulated banks and financial institutions and their branch offices, as well as through the My Share app (software). Use the link below to start the process.

Where can I get a form for the Jalpa Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha IPO?

Applicants can apply for a share IPO at their local mero share opening bank office or through their meroshare account. The sales manager has been Prabhu Capital.

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