Japan is extending Virus Emergency as it prepares to host the Olympics

Yoshihide Suga

In Tokyo and in other locations, Japan extended the emergency coronavirus for another 20 days Friday and infections still did not slow down as it was preparing for hosting the Olympics Games in a little over 50 days.

In West Japan, the struck worst area of Osaka, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, cases continue high; medical services are still heavily taxed.

“With the Olympics and Paralympics I’m aware that many people express their worries,” he remarked. “I will take them seriously, and prepare for secure and safe games.”

He stated that the coming three weeks are “a crucial time to accomplish outcomes” in a two-way fight to manage illnesses as immunizations are being expanded.

The current situation was scheduled to end next Monday in the capital and eight other metropolises, but in some places there is still an overflow of COVID-19 patients and recent serious cases have reached new peaks.

The 20-day extends from Hokkaido to Fukuoka in the north, in the south. A 10th area is already under emergency by 20 June, the southern island Prefecture of Okinawa.

Only at that time, after months of banishing from the Olympic public, Olympic officials must decide whether to accept any fans at all. According to media sources, around the time a plan is planned to give priority to vaccinations for Japanese athletes.

The Olympics are scheduled on 23rd July following a panemic deferral of one year. Call from the public, medical professionals and even a sponsor has been provoked by concerns regarding new variations and Japan’s delayed immunization.

Suga’s public approval rating has dropped to around 30%, down from around 70% when he took office in September.

Experts have warned that the variants are infecting more people, causing serious illness, and flooding hospitals in some areas.

Japan has lagged behind in vaccinations due to bureaucratic and planning blunders, as well as medical staff shortages. Only 2.3 percent of the population has been fully immunized, and the current phase aimed at older adults is not expected to be completed before the games begin.

Nonetheless, Suga and his government are adamant about hosting the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee has also stated that the games will take place even if the host city, Tokyo, is placed under emergency measures.

The government has been pushing to speed up immunizations, with the goal of administering up to 1 million per day, but some experts believe that is an overly optimistic goal.

Japan has reported approximately 730,000 coronavirus cases and over 12,700 deaths.