Japan prepares to fine Facebook, Google and Twitter

July 7, Kathmandu. The Japanese government is preparing to impose fines on 48 major technology companies.

Japan, along with Facebook’s parent company Meta, will fine Google and Twitter for not having an office in the country.

Japan had given the companies until March last year to set up offices in the country. Japan has decided to take action against 48 foreign technology companies for disobeying such instructions from the Japanese government and failing to establish a registered office in Japan.

Earlier this month, the Japanese Ministry of Justice re-requested foreign technology companies to register in Japan and set up an office in Japan, which was given a deadline of 13 days. However, the ministry said it would request the court to impose fines on foreign technology companies that do not open offices within that period.

The Japanese government has said that if world-class technology companies providing services in their home countries set up offices in Japan, it would be easier for consumers to lodge complaints in case of any problem and proper registration of such companies would be required for the safety of consumers.

Japan’s corporate law also stipulates that a foreign company conducting business in the country must register its office worldwide headquarters in Japan. However, many technology companies have said that they do not need a headquarters in Japan as they only provide services through the Internet, while others have claimed that only units related to Japan can be registered.

Companies including Facebook, Twitter and Google are less likely to set up headquarters in Japan after Japan decided to impose fines on foreign companies that do not set up offices in the country. Because such fines are not very significant. The Japanese government will impose a fine of one million yen (७ 7,400) on such companies. With the help of the agency

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