Jason Kenney’s Gas Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Jason Kenney Gas Video


WATCH: Jason Kenney’s Gas Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and Instagram: It has been seen that the prices of gasoline will go up in the upcoming days. This little price change has a little bit worried about the residents of Calgary. They are saying that if the prices would go up then residents of Calgary will do something about this. The prices of gasoline have been fluctuating these days. No one knows when it will go up or goes down. A conversation has been going on about gasoline prices. Let’s see what will happen next. Follow More Update On

Jason Kenney Gas Video

Jason Kenney Gas Video

On March 8, the prices of Gasoline remained relatively unchanged in Calgary for the previous three weeks when WTI spiked to $123.70. The price of WTI dropped quickly after that and has fluctuated since. On Wednesday, it will be closed at $107.82, dropping $8.40 in just two days.

A guy named Jason Kenney goes to the gas station yesterday to put some gas in his truck. It costs around $77 to fill his gas tank but after seeing the prices up. He was very frustrated and his mood was off. After filling the gas, he thinks about the prices issues all the time and says to himself. How can I raise my voice on the pricing issues? He took the way of social media to raise his voice and when he came in the eyes of the media. Many reporters reach out to him and talk about him. He specifically says on the internet If you’re about to try something new, why would you make your audience worry.

Jason Kenney Gas Video Explained

Currently, the temporary removal of the 13 cents per liter tax went into effect on April 1, dropping average prices in the city from 167.5 cents on Thursday into the 156.9 range. Kenney’s promise to lessen the pain at the pump caused by a spike in global oil prices has been fulfilled. That’s a lot of money at a time when Albertans really need it, Kenney said of the tax break.

We are experiencing the highest inflation rate in 30 years. Alberta’s government has listened to Albertans who have said that serious action to cut the cost of living is needed. As long as the price of West Texas Intermediate crude continues above $90 per barrel, the tax will be fully repealed. On Friday, WTI finished at $99.42. Kenney claims that if the tax is not raised for another 12 months, Albertans will save $1.4 billion.