JBZD: Everything about the Polish website Dzida


JBZD (JBZDY, Dzida) is a Polish website that features a collection of visuals, most of which are hilarious and entertaining. Images can be added, rated, and commented on by users.

Cube Investments, a Polish firm, owns it. Dymitr Guszczenka founded JBZD following the great success of the twin website Kwejk.pl.

The primary content consists of internet memes, gifs, and short videos. SITE differentiates out from other amusing pages due to its unique culture.

The site is mostly supported by advertising and premium accounts.

New gifs or videos added to the website by registered users are routed to the so-called waiting room. By analyzing the entries, both registered and unregistered users pre-select. Only the works that have received the highest number of ratings or likes from the moderators are sent to the home page. On the front page, there are 120 images on average per day.