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July 7, Kathmandu. CPN-Unified Socialist MP Jeevan Ram Shrestha has said that the cabinet will be reshuffled soon.

Giving a brief response to the journalists at the Federal Parliament Building in Naya Baneshwor on Tuesday, he said that the cabinet would be reshuffled within a few days as per the decision of the CPN-Unified Socialists.

He said that although their respective parties were free to change ministers, there should be an understanding within the alliance. He said that his party’s decision to change the minister would be implemented.

He said, ‘The kind of parliamentary system we have. There is no going beyond that. Two, four days late, one thing may happen sooner. Soon, according to the decision made by our party, the process will move forward and manipulation will take place. My party president has informed me that this will happen in a day or two. ‘

MP Shrestha said that party president Madhav Kumar Nepal had informed him that the cabinet would be reshuffled within a day or two.

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