Jennifer Aniston Trolled For Celebrities ‘Becoming Famous For Doing Nothing’ Feedback

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Jennifer Aniston made fun of people who “get famous for doing nothing.” feedback, Jennifer Aniston was trolled by well-known and famous people. Hello and welcome to BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast we have for you:

jennifer aniston

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston gets a lot of flak for saying that Paris Hilton and Monica Lewinsky are “becoming famous for basically doing nothing” and naming them.

During an appearance on Variety’s Actor on Actor, the 53-year-old Friends star talked to Sebastian Stan about how the Internet has changed the way people become famous.

Aniston talked about how people used the internet at the time of the leak when she talked about the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Jones tape.

She said, “It was right around the time when the internet really changed how people became famous.” “This idea that people can become famous for doing almost nothing. I’m talking about Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, and everyone else.”

In 2004, a tape of Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon having an affair was leaked on the Internet. In 1998, there was a scandal about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky having an affair.

“I always say that I feel lucky that we got a taste of the industry before it became what it is now, which is just different – there are more streaming services and more people,” Aniston said. “People know you from TikTok. You’re known because of YouTube. You’re well-known because of Instagram.

“It’s almost like it makes our actor’s job less important.”

After her comments, many people began to criticise the We’re the Millers star by saying that she got where she is because of “nepotism.”

One person wrote on Twitter, “Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston herself is a nepotism baby, and most celebrities back then and now are nepotism babies… please.”

Another person said, “Jennifer Aniston’s comment that Paris Hilton is famous for nothing makes me think she’s jealous.”

Jennifer Aniston made fun of the idea that some famous people are getting famous for doing nothing.

Katy Forrester of The Sun wrote, “I love Jennifer Aniston, but she doesn’t work nearly as much as Paris Hilton. That woman books appearances all the time!”

“When did Jennifer Aniston become the best actress in the world all of a sudden?” one different particular person questioned.

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