JOYCE CULLA Cause Of Death? Popular TikToker Dead At 24, Funeral & Obituary News!

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We are sorry to announce that Joyce Culla passed away, a popular Tik Toker and a very known internet sensation. She passed away at the age of 24 years, which was very unexpected and demise. She died due to the Ruptured Brain Aneurysm. In the last few hours, her consciousness dropped rapidly which leads her into a coma situation. We expand our condolences to her family for their loss. Stay tuned with us till the last in this article and keep reading about her life. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Joyce Culla Death ReasonJoyce Culla Death Reason

Joyce Culla Death Reason

Joyce Culla was a social media influencer and she was born on 14th March 1998. She has a great number of followers she used to share her short videos on the platform Tik Tok. As per the sources she used to have 1.6 million people follow her on the social media platform. She launched her Tik Tok account in July 2019. She has 2 brothers who have appeared on her Tik Tok account. She posted a Tik Tok set to the Selena Gomez and Cardi B song Taki Taki in December 2020.

Joyce Culla: Wikipedia Biography

She was a rising star who has so much talent and potential, but so early she had to give up her dreams due to her problem. She had made her own cocoon of people who use to support her. The dance videos and her way of presenting her content were loved the most by people. According to the sources she was admitted to the hospital as she was suffering from a Brain Aneurysm and which is a condition where blood vessels in the brain start ballooning her bulging.

Joyce Culla: Funeral & Obituary

Rupturing the ballons is a serious disease. She also went to surgery but unfortunately went into a coma. Her family took her the Mount Carmel hospital for her treatment. How come, she was extremely talented it is proved by the number of supporters she had during her lows. The Dr. did every possible thing to save her life but it goes all in vain. Her fans underwent doing a charity event for their favorite star by dancing, making tattoos, and live sales.

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