Julie Ann Gonzalez Murder Case

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If you have been following the case of the Julie Ann Gonzalez murder, you might have come across the question: where is George De La Cruz now? George de la Cruz is a man who was previously married to Julie Ann Gonzalez. Julie Ann Gonzalez disappeared from the house of her estranged husband George de la Cruz in the city of El Paso, Texas. On the morning of her disappearance, she went to pick up her two-year-old daughter from George de la Cruz. She told her estranged husband that she was acting strangely and wanted to leave her child with him over the weekend. Julie Ann Gonzalez told George de la Cruz that she would be back in a couple of days, but George did not return.

Julie Ann GonzalezJulie Ann Gonzalez

Julie Ann Gonzalez

George De La Cruz’s statement about Julie Ann Gonzalez’s disappearance

The latest update on the case follows De La Cruz’s statement about Julie Ann’s disappearance. According to De La Cruz, his daughter was last seen by a man who was in the process of a divorce with Gonzalez. The man told police that Gonzalez looked “out of it” when she picked up the child and asked to stay with him for a few days. A short time later, the girl was missing.

Evidence of a staged disappearance

Although a murder conviction remains unresolved, the evidence of a staged disappearance in the case of Julie Ann Gonzalez is accumulating. Detectives have been checking various databases, including facial-identification databases and personal information. They have also checked government agencies. Julie did not leave a phone message after several rings or any activity. No one has found any contact between her murder suspect, so there is ample circumstantial evidence to prove that Julie Ann is dead.

Evidence of rambling messages on Julie Ann Gonzalez’s cell phone

The rambling messages on Julie Ann Gonzalez’ cell phone reveal that she was having an affair with her boyfriend, Art Gonzales. The FBI agent who investigated the case also claimed that he was not acting on behalf of the agency. But he also claimed that the messages were not written by him and that he was simply a “spy.” However, the rambling messages are actually evidence of the alleged affair.

Evidence of a love letter from Julie Ann Gonzalez to George De La Cruz

Evidence of a love letter from Julie Ann González to her husband, George De La Cruz, was found in the home of Layla’s parents on September 19, 2011. The missing child was Layla, and her mother, Mylinda, was convinced that it was George who was responsible for the girl’s disappearance. She confided in Mylinda that George was “up to something,” and was calling her from the car. Layla’s mother, George’s mom, was not present.

Evidence of a MySpace page accessed by someone after Julie Ann’s disappearance

Police have discovered evidence that a person accessed Julie Ann Gonzalez’s MySpace page shortly after she disappeared. The person has not been identified, but the FBI is trying to find her. Police have been searching databases and facial-identification databases for Julie’s photo. But, despite all the work, the evidence suggests that Julie is dead. The investigation is far from over.

Case file

A new case file in the Julie Ann Gonzalez murder trial reveals that police found several clues that lead to the accused killer. One of these is a cell phone that George De La Cruz had accessed after Julie Ann’s disappearance. The cell phone had been jail-broken, meaning the owner had no service. Detectives also found a cable modem and an iPod Touch in the yard.

Arrest warrant for George De La Cruz

There has been a large amount of publicity surrounding the disappearance of Julie Ann Gonzalez. Although she is thought to have gone missing voluntarily, her absence from her family caused a great deal of concern. Police have identified George De La Cruz as a person of interest in the case. He initially cooperated with investigators but has since turned down their request for information. In May, Austin Police executed a search warrant on his property and recovered numerous items that may be of evidence.

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