Jumla connects with the national transmission line electricity

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National transmission line electricity

A national transmission line has been connected to Khalanga Bazaar, the district headquarters of Jumla.

According to Gaurav Pandey, head of Nepal Electricity Authority Distribution Center Jumla, the district is connected to the 11 kV national transmission line.

He said, “NEA has connected 11 KV line from Kalikot to Jumla for the time being. NEA was working at a fast pace as per the target of connecting Jumla as soon as it reaches the Kalikot line. The problem of electricity will be solved to some extent. ”

MP Gajendra Bahadur Mahat expressed happiness over the connection of the transmission line to Jumla after a long struggle and said that it needed sustainable management. He had been demanding for a long time in Parliament to connect the power transmission line to Jumla.

The lights have been switched on in the district headquarters and work will be done soon to connect Chandannath Municipality Ward Nos. 8 and 9. 

According to the distribution center, NEA aims to supply electricity to the main places of all the eight local levels by the end of the decade.

According to NEA, the line connection of 33 kV has been successful in Dailekh’s Chupra Dullu 150 km, Dullu Kalikot 60 km, and Kalikot-Jumla 80 km.

As the line did not reach the district headquarters Khalanga, about 3,300 consumers were forced to live in darkness. 

Pandey said that there was a delay in laying poles and laying wires even though the transmission line was planned to be completed on time.

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